Finding Your Signature Summer Scent: Ultra Luxe Perfumeries

Elevate your search for the perfect summer scent: give a high-end perfumery/fragrance boutique a try. Work with the experts, mix and match, create your own scent and come out smelling like a rose (or lavender or musk or...).

Leverage Global Partners has searched the globe and found these elegant perfumeries, which offer a luxury boutique experience while you search for that summer scent in style.


Le Labo perfumery in NYC offers a unique shopping experience where guests are invited to sample seasonal scents and boutique exclusives at a gorgeous perfume bar. Select from an incredible assortment of handcrafted perfumes mixed and bottled on site by the experts. Everything at Le Labo is done with precision, integrity and passion. The packaging is even personalized with your name, making it truly yours. $250 a bottle.

Le Labo in NYC is located at 233 Elizabeth Street, New York and in the Ace Hotel. Le Labo also has boutiques in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, among other locations.


The Scent Bar is a chic fragrance haven in LA that does for perfume what wine bars do for vino. Consult with the experts and fill out a questionnaire with your likes, dislikes and personality traits and your signature scent is revealed. You can try out seasonal selections like the "Lucky Seven" fragrances featured each month, or mix and match to find the one that screams "you."  Prices vary.  Best seller is Molecule 01, $135 a bottle. 

The Scent Bar is located at 7405 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles.


Diptyque Boutique was established in Paris and has since scented the world with its elegant, light fragrances. The Bleecker Street boutique is an elegant and cozy space gently lit by crystal chandeliers. The walls are lined with unique scents, all with natural ingredients. Guests can select from seasonal scents and boutique exclusives, working with the shop experts to find their best match. $140 a bottle.

Diptyque has boutiques in Paris, NYC, Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, San Francisco, London, Milan and more.

Take a stroll through glorious gardens on our Pinterest board and search for some scenic inspiration in your daily life to help find your summer fragrance.

Searching for your signature smell? What’s your go-to scent for this summer? We'd love to hear your ideas in the comment section below.

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