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Concierge Auctions & Leverage Global Partners Launch Partnership

Preeminent Luxury Real Estate Auction Firm and Innovative Network of Independent Real Estate Brokerages Align to Offer the Best in Luxury Real Estate

NEW YORK, NY (MAY 29, 2014) ‑ Leverage Global Partners, a global network of prestigious independent real estate brokerages, has announced a partnership with Concierge Auctions, a luxury real estate auction firm serving high-net-worth individuals worldwide. The alignment between the two companies will establish Concierge Auctions as the exclusive real estate auction service of Leverage Global Partners.

"We are proud to partner with Concierge Auctions to bring its impeccable services to Leverage Partners and their clients," said F. Ron Smith, President of Leverage Global Partners. "Several of our Partners have already aligned with Concierge Auctions with tremendous success in their luxury real estate transactions, and we are pleased to present Concierge's valuable services to our entire worldwide network as another beneficial resource for our Partners to access."

"Leverage Global Partners and Concierge Auctions are truly cut from the same cloth; we both offer our clientele the highest degree of professionalism and expertise in the real estate industry," said Laura Brady, Founder and President of Concierge Auctions. "Leverage Partners' well-earned reputation as a consortium of many of the most prestigious real estate brokerage firms from around the world makes it a natural choice for a partnership with Concierge Auctions, which caters to sophisticated buyers and sellers of luxury properties. I can't wait to get to work with Ron and his team."

Leverage Global Partners offers a network of professionals, marketing resources, and member services that firmly establishes each of their Partners in the global real estate marketplace-making each brokerage’s talented Realtors that much more effective in serving the unique needs of their clients.

Concierge Auctions specializes in aligning exceptional properties with the right buyer and maintains a prospective client list of over 100,000 luxury real estate buyers, sellers and agents spanning 130 countries. Concierge cooperates with a listing agent on each auction sale, recognizing the importance of agent relationships and local expertise.

Concierge Auctions' rapid growth has been driven by the significant value it provides buyers, sellers, and agents, creating a "win-win-win". The firm's focused marketing efforts maximize the property value for the seller at the moment of sale; buyers only have to pay what the property is worth on that day; and agents receive an accelerated sales solution and increased marketing power.

The partnership will further support each Leverage Partner’s position as their local market expert, and allow them to generate the maximum value for the most premier luxury properties in an open, competitive auction forum.






About Concierge Auctions

Founded in 2008, New-York based Concierge Auctions has quickly become the dominant player in the luxury real estate auctions sector, selling high-end properties worldwide through a transparent and market-based bidding process. Since its founding, Concierge has successfully closed over a half-billion dollars in luxury properties, with $194 million contracted in 2013 alone - at an average price of $5.4 million. The business has spanned the globe, domestically from New York to Hawaii, and abroad from Fiji to Toronto.

About Leverage Global Partners

Leverage Global Partners aligns the most prestigious independent luxury real estate brokerage firms from around the world – only one exclusive member per community – creating a unique global network of professionals that serve the relocation and real-estate portfolio needs of their clients, nationally and internationally. Founded by the visionaries of a leading independent luxury real estate firm in Beverly Hills with over US $4 billion of collective sales expertise, Leverage Global Partners offers its members cutting-edge marketing resources in social media and digital marketing.

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