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Luxury Guesthouses: A Mansion For Your Guests

Having a guesthouse on your property is a luxury. Visitors to your home enjoy their own private quarters, which may mean they extend their stay a few days (…or weeks), but it’s a great amenity to have nonetheless.

While the term guesthouse can be used to refer to a hotel, in real estate, a guesthouse is a structure separate from the main house. Traditionally, there’s a bedroom, bathroom and maybe a kitchenette, which provides a hotel-like experience for your guests, without the sterility, and with all the comforts and warmth of home.

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As you can imagine, as the main house gets nicer and more expensive, the guesthouses get more lux as well. Some are über fancy, luxury guesthouses with impressive facades that match the architecture of the home and interiors that often comprise multiple bedrooms and floors.

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From villas, to cabins, to private poolside estates, luxury guesthouses can be fabulous retreats for those lucky enough to be invited to stay.

Do you often see homes with guesthouses? Have you ever stayed in a luxury guesthouse? Please share your experiences and leave your comments below.

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