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Broker Spotlight: Rubel Ashman Group | Avenue 8

No one understands the serendipitous power of “yes” like the dynamic team at the Rubel Ashman Group.

And that power has never been more critical, as over 60,000 real estate agents dropped out of the profession in the first half of 2023. But Lisa Rubel, William Ashman, and Kim Hartley of the Rubel Ashman Group continue saying “yes” – to their clients, their network, their communities, and themselves.

“I’ve been through three real estate downturns, and our team always stays strong in the game,” said Rubel. “The reason we’re so good at our job is because we care, we connect and stay with our clients through any circumstance.” 

The team thrives on the idea that new possibilities are around every turn. For Rubel, that meant agreeing to help someone who moved to the U.S. find a rental in Los Angeles for a monthly budget of $1,500. Instead of running in the other direction, she took to Craigslist to find her client a place to live. Months later, he reached out for her help buying a $3 million property. Over the years, they’ve worked together on more than $100 million in real estate.

“Most real estate agents would have written that client off based on his initial ask,” Rubel said. “But we’re successful in this business because we believe in karma, and we treat every person we come across with respect in any budget. It is the end game that matters.” 

Although the real estate news across the country seems volatile, this team is a bright spot amongst the noise; they’re buying and selling houses, guiding new clients, reconnecting with former clients, and continuing to drive significant real estate deals across California. Never one to turn around at a roadblock, the Rubel Ashman Group excels by capitalizing on their warmth, real estate prowess, and contagious energy.

“We have so many positive things happening in the housing market. The idea that the world is ending is so false,” said Ashman. “Every property that we sell right now is going over asking; every buyer who can’t find a lender – we will find them a lender.”

The Rubel Ashman Group founders first met while working together for another brokerage and were innately drawn to each other’s work styles and individual talents. Rubel and Hartley had worked on several significant deals, including the record-breaking sale of a $58 million condo building in Beverly Hills. As a native Angeleno, Hartley’s in-depth knowledge of the area is unmatched. She spent two decades as an education consultant, which enhances her ability to provide personalized insights into neighborhoods and schools.

“Collectively, we have fifty years of experience, and the beautiful thing that makes our team work so well is our distinct perspectives and abilities,” said Ashman. “People don’t care what you know until they know you care, and that’s how we approach our clients.”

Real estate is a personal business, and there’s no topic the team shies away from. They’ve walked alongside clients navigating nuanced situations like death, divorce, and defaults with an empathetic approach. Hartley echoed the sentiment, saying clients often refer to the team as their “ride or die realtors.” 

“We’re here for you no matter what your situation is, no matter how difficult. People always say that we stick with them through every life chapter, and we’re not afraid to handle a challenge,” she shared. “Clients always want a rockstar agent – everyone on our team is a rockstar agent, and we actually work with rockstars too!”  

Rubel Ashman team member Michael Berger has worked with Kiss, Def Leppard, Deep Purple, Sheryl Crow, and Mick Jagger, among others. He knows exactly what is needed to deliver A-list concierge service to his clients. It was his love of working with artists in Los Angeles, spending time in their estates and home studios, that led him into the world of real estate.  

Whether they’re selling high-end luxury real estate or working with clients across varying home value levels, the team offers the same level of service to everyone they encounter.

“Our team is so unique – we’re funny, we’re direct, we have a fresh perspective,” said Ashman. “Real estate is such a personal process, and when you meet someone you might work with, you have to think, ‘Could I go on a three-hour road trip with this person?’ We have to have personal conversations about things like how much money you make, goals, and even your debt. We genuinely love connecting with people.”

The team is also passionate about empowering clients to leverage real estate as an investment vehicle. “I always tell buyers, ‘You’re scared to buy a property, but you should really be scared that you’re building no equity.’ The American Dream is changing, with one in five houses purchased by investors. Our team understands the power of investing because we’re investors, too,” shared Ashman.

Rubel added, “People make real money in real estate. You can always live in your house, but you can’t live in your stock portfolio.”

The team’s gusto is not just at the forefront of their interactions; it’s driving their numbers too. Avenue 8 awarded the Rubel Ashman Group with the Founder’s Circle Award for achieving the highest tier of sales volume company-wide in 2022. They recently launched a blog to foster deeper connections with their community by tackling common issues and real estate questions.

Powered by their collective vivacity and driven by their extensive real estate expertise, the Rubel Ashman Group continues to set the standard for service in California. 

Ashman aptly highlighted their approach with this idea: "When I worked with Joan Rivers, she would say, ‘Just say yes to opportunity.’ That’s our philosophy – there’s no situation we can’t deal with, big or small.”

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