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Member Spotlight: Avenir Realty, Central Oregon

Avenir Realty represents more than a new brokerage to founder Laura Blossey; it represents the evolution of her commitment to concierge-level service for every client.

After spending 10 years at one brokerage, Blossey took the leap and decided to explore her next chapter: leading a brokerage she could design and cultivate. As a real estate leader in Central Oregon, it’s not unusual to see Blossey going above and beyond for her clients, whether she’s walking a dog for clients who recently had a baby or calling vendors and contractors to ensure her clients’ transactions move forward smoothly.

“This is the embodiment of my next-level transformation from producer to CEO,” said Blossey. “I wanted not just to offer excellent service to my clients; I wanted the opportunity to improve the lives of the agents who work with me. By serving as a mentor, I can empower them to strengthen their skillset and really impact their careers.” 

Blossey’s background in corporate consulting complements her strengths as a real estate agent, as she previously served as a liaison between software companies and consultants. With strategic negotiation at the forefront of both her previous and current roles, she doesn’t approach transactions as a zero-sum game – rather, it’s an opportunity for both parties to collaborate and design a mutually beneficial outcome. 

Over the last two years, Blossey sold more than $71 million as an individual agent, and her accomplishments provided the perfect launch pad to start Avenir with the Side platform. Side’s technology and personalized support drew her to the company, as she could leverage Side’s resources while creating her brand and value proposition.

“Avenir was born out of an inflection point in my career where I was asking, ‘what can I do better?’” shared Blossey. “I knew I could create a space where agents could have the support they need to simultaneously increase their production and better serve clients.”

With a blank slate ahead of her, Blossey set out to curate a brokerage built on high standards, efficient processes, and a positive, collaborative mindset. Blossey and Avenir also embrace the power of community, continually hosting events for clients, agents, and lenders. From cooking classes to wine tasting to snowshoeing, Blossey loves finding ways to engage with clients, partners, and colleagues.

“I love networking, whether with lenders, real estate agents, or other vendors in our area,” said Blossey. “When we all get to know each other, it improves our interactions throughout our transactions and allows us to serve clients better – a win-win. It’s a small town, and I love facilitating opportunities to deepen our relationships.” 

Blossey also brings unique investment property and home flipping experience to the table. On the personal side, she has built a spec house, bought and sold a tri-plex, remodeled and sold two homes, and has an energy-efficient rental property. She offers her clients vital insights into renovation, remodeling, and optimizing the possibilities of investment and rental properties. 

When she’s not supporting her clients and community, Blossey loves the hustle and bustle of her home life, with a household including her husband, 16-year-old twins, Blossey’s mother, and three dogs. Because she understands the central role that a home plays in everyone’s life, Blossey focuses on empowering her clients to find the house that serves as the foundation for the life they want. 

As Avenir’s momentum accelerates, Blossey is energized by the opportunity to grow her team, expand her client base, and deepen her strong connection to the Central Oregon community. 


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Laura Blossey


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