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New Possibilities at the Intersection of Philanthropy and Real Estate with Amalfi Estates

What began as a simple question – what if I donated a portion of my commission to charity? – has evolved into incredible philanthropic momentum for the team at Amalfi Estates.

Over the past seven years, the 10-person Amalfi Estates team has helped 50,000 families and donated $2 million to charity.

Early in his career, founder Anthony Marguleas took the leap and donated two full commissions to local charities. It proved to be a pivotal moment in how he envisioned the future of his brokerage.

The team started by donating 10% of their commission to a charity of the client’s choice on every transaction. While this was meaningful, the team realized it diluted their potential reach. Anthony hired a charitable giving consultant and created a strategic giving plan for Amalfi Estates. The consultant suggested choosing organizations in six categories (kids, health, pets, homelessness, a local organization, and the environment), and from that, the team chose The People Concern, American Cancer Society, Wags & Walks, Homeboy Industries, Make-A-Wish, and Heal the Bay.

The Amalfi Estates Team at a beach clean-up day for Heal the Bay

“By focusing our efforts, we realized we could have a much greater impact,” Marguleas shared. “We centered our giving on specific non-profit organizations that are strong financial stewards and make critical contributions across the community.” 

In the competitive world of luxury real estate, the Amalfi Estates team is happy to redirect the spotlight to their charity partners. They view themselves as a “philanthropic company that excels at selling real estate.” As the vehicle for their charitable endeavors, real estate empowers the team to embrace the idea of positively impacting the community. 

“What we do is not about the dollar amount,” said Marguleas. “It’s about giving back in any capacity and inspiring others to take action in their own way.” 

A visit with Wags & Walks

Marguleas and his agents have active roles with their charitable partners, serving on boards, supporting events, and championing the organizations in any way possible. The connection goes far beyond a financial gift – it is a genuine collaboration.

Leveraging his platform as a highly-respected real estate leader, Marguleas envisions the possibilities of implementing a charitable giving program across other commission-based businesses. His approach is a roadmap for organizations looking to re-imagine or jumpstart their philanthropic goals. He frequently speaks at national conferences and events, including Inman Luxury Connect and the National Association of Realtors®, about the transformative nature of this strategic charitable path.

Connecting with Homeboy Industries

Amalfi Estates is the perfect example of what happens when accomplishment meets altruism, and Marguleas hopes that other companies will realize the ripple effect of making a significant commitment to their communities. 

The generational tide is shifting, with Millennials and Generation Z closely watching to see which companies mobilize ethics into action. A recent survey found that 71% of Generation Z would take a pay cut if it meant a job with meaningful work, and 61% said they are looking for a job with a purpose beyond merely making a profit. 

Younger generations are compelling companies to reexamine their societal responsibility, signaling that the next wave of agents, buyers, and sellers are asking more of the companies they interact with. Amalfi Estates has witnessed this transformation firsthand, as its reputation attracts agents and clients energized by a collective mission to do good in the world. 

When asked what he hopes for the future of charitable efforts at Amalfi Estates, Marguleas shared, “Our goal is to give as much as we can and help as many people as possible. We want to be true advocates for this way of doing business.”

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