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Svetlana Kligman

Svetlana Kligman

Email  |  647-839-7035
For over a decade Svetlana has been delivering results for buyers, sellers and investors of all tiers. A recipient of the Gold Sales Award, Svetlana's praise-worthy track record demonstrates her immense capacity to forge long standing relationships based on performance, integrity and trust. Constructing many infill homes in Toronto's best areas with her husband has developed her intuitive eye for value, knowledge of costing and relationships with tradespeople and suppliers. This, coupled with an intimate understanding of Toronto’s diverse market and an unparalleled negotiating prowess has ensured that she serve as an integral team member and resource to her clients throughout all stages of buying and selling. No matter whether it be for a first time buyer or a luxury home builder, Svetlana's signature approach stems from her application of the same level of expertise, cautiousness and strategic thinking to her client's investments as she does to her own; a skill that is the keystone to her success.

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