Max Fitzgerald

Max Fitzgerald

REALTOR® | DRE#: 0196‌8956
Email  |  323.578.2485
Max specializes in working with clients whose focus is real estate investment, having carved out a niche as an expert in analyzing properties for their investment potential. One of his favorite parts of the buying & selling process is looking at a tricky property, figuring out the best way to not only underwrite the deal, but to pitch the deal to prospective buyers. He also loves the thrill of the negotiation process. Max is proud to have obtained his Broker’s license, which has allowed him to build a brokerage and work environment for agents that is extremely unique and truly special.

Max’s client philosophy is to be a teacher and helpful resource first, and a real estate agent second. “The better you can understand and reverse engineer the client’s wants and needs, the better the working relationship will be.” Max always has the client’s best interest in mind, serving as their fiduciary 100% of the time, even if that means suggesting walking away from a deal that he does not believe is a good fit for his client.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Max is passionate about this city by default; but real estate has accentuated his love for the city. He’s passionate about working to end homelessness in Los Angeles. His mother is a psychologist and he majored in psychology in college. Max is passionate about helping these people in need of mental health treatment and housing and he works closely with a few non-profit homeless organizations.

Max enjoys traveling whenever possible and loves experiencing other cultures around the globe. Currently, a lot of his down time is spent with his fiancé Amanda planning their upcoming wedding.

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