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Desert Oasis

Nowadays, when you think of the desert it’s less the dystopian backdrop of a George Miller film and more of an oasis for adventure and relaxation. The dry climate coupled with the pleasantly warm temperatures of the springtime make the desert the perfect place for a weekend getaway. These destinations with their luxury resorts, local eateries, and outdoor activities should be at the top of your list to experience.

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Tile to the Max

White kitchens, white baths, white couches, white walls. It was only a matter of time before the pendulum started swinging back. In kitchens, baths, and entry ways, designers are punching up the sea of white with intricate patterns of encaustic tile. It goes by many names—Cuban tile, cement tile, concrete tile—as it’s been around for centuries. Spain, Morocco, Mexico and Italy have been using this building material for years (for its cool feel under the feet); tile is made by baking in colorful decorative designs into cement, usually 12” square.

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Location: Bel Air

A couple minutes' drive from the heart of Beverly Hills, Bel Air has long enticed those who want to live in quiet seclusion at the center of the city. Home to a former President and a Fresh Prince, this most privileged of neighborhoods nestled behind faux gates boasts some of the most expensive real estate in the world, including multi-acre properties that have commanded north of $100 million.

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