For Brokerages

Regardless of the size of your company, you receive the same level of service offered to all Leverage partners — and you own your market. As the exclusive partner in your local market, you are aligning your company with innovative, forward-thinking firms that place a premium on integrity, commitment and engagement.

Not only are you a leader in your company, you are a leader in your local market and in the field of real estate, as well. Leverage positions you to launch and expand your network by connecting you with leaders from other partner firms worldwide. We work with you to personalize your company’s Leverage experience to make it as active and accessible as possible.

As a member of Leverage, you gain access to an expansive network of other innovative leaders at top independent firms worldwide. Your company will have tailored service from your Leverage Team — dedicated professionals committed to enhancing your Leverage success, including responsive support and service for your referral business. High touch communication and video conference meetings and presentations with your Leverage team will keep you and your company at the forefront of the real estate industry.

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