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Frontgate Real Estate

Dana Olmes Jeffrey Biebuyck
Executive Director
Dana Olmes
(747) 888-0508
Jeffrey Biebuyck
Director of Technology / Internet Marketing
Jeffrey Biebuyck
(818) 486-1763
Frontgate Real Estate
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Serving Calabasas, CA, USA

Frontgate Real Estate is a member of Leverage Global Partners in Calabasas, CA.

Beyond the front gates sit Southern California’s most exclusive properties. Tucked away in high-end communities like Hidden Hills and Calabasas, and throughout the Valley to the beaches and the Westside, they offer residents unparalleled privacy and elegance. Many of those residents turn to Dana Olmes, Jeff Biebuyck, and their firm, Frontgate Real Estate, for all their real estate needs.

Frontgate is the future of real estate, having created a streamlined, tech-savvy, and personalized experience for buyers and sellers. From selection to service, the operational excellence the team provides is unmistakable, and they guide their clients with a friendly, casual approach that epitomizes the California lifestyle. Their easygoing nature is the result of intention — not a lack of tenacity. It is marked by a combined 40-plus years of expertise and a digital mindset that pairs proven, high-touch techniques with modern, tech-forward offerings.

Dana, Jeff, and the Frontgate team consistently advise a wide range of influential buyers and sellers in a manner and style that has earned them recognition on a national level. The team is on a mission to do whatever is in their clients’ best interests with fanatical integrity, focusing on what’s optimal for them by doing the right thing for the long-term. Their ability to succinctly meet their clients’ unique needs, connect with industry power players, and build an entity through a wealth of past clients and referrals culminate in an epic scale of service one would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

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