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Westside Estate Agency

Mark Gruskin
Mark Gruskin
(310) 924-5769
(310) 924-5769
Westside Estate Agency
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Serving Malibu, CA, USA

Calabasas, Hidden Hills CA, USA

Westside Estate Agency is an exclusive representative for Leverage Global Partners in Malibu, Calabasas, Hidden Hills CA, USA.

Westside Estate Agency is defined by the values and the vision of its two founders, Stephen Shapiro and Kurt Rappaport. In 1998, the two began making plans for a different kind of brokerage. An agency committed to putting client service first, and doing the best for each client. In the words of Stephen Shapiro, "Negotiations conducted with intelligence and integrity result in what we call the 'triple win.' Great results for the buyer, the seller, and WEA."

That year, they opened Westside Estate Agency with a focus on the most expensive and prestigious homes and estates in the prime Westside areas of Los Angeles. Today, WEA has built a clientele without parallel, at the pinnacle of the business, financial and entertainment industries.

Stephen and Kurt have assembled a team of full-time real estate pros, known for expertise, experience, integrity and discretion. Each agent possesses an in-depth knowledge of the inventory and current market conditions; our clients turn to us for candid insights into current market value, the sales potential of properties and marketing strategies for our current and prospective clients.

We’ve retained our independence in spite of widespread acquisition by a handful of mega-agencies. That means we answer to our clients, instead of a corporate headquarters thousands of miles away. And it translates into efficiency and responsiveness. Making the most of every minute by showing just the homes, in just the neighborhoods, that meet our clients' criteria. Quite frequently, we're even able to offer new properties not yet on the market. Finally, it means WEA's agents have a direct conduit to the top. Unlike the non-owner operated, robo brokerages, our principles play a role in, and keep an eye on every WEA transaction. In sense, every WEA client is also a client of Stephen's and Kurt's. Which only make sense, as it's with these two that the WEA story began.

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