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Agent Spotlight: Bradley Marshall

Bradley is a top-producing/award-winning agent and Founder/Principal Agent of the Lot + Block Group. Bradley represents clients across the DFW Metroplex from developers, luxury properties, homeowners looking to upgrade, empty nesters, investors, and first-time homebuyers.

How did you get into real estate? 

I was 26 years old and had just rented my first house through an agent and enjoyed the process of what they did for us. Just so happen to stop down on a marathon of the first season of Million Dollar Listing the first weekend we moved in by chance. After watching 3 or 4 episodes really felt like it was something that might line up perfectly with my skill set and tenacity. Then it was officially set in motion later in the day when telling my girlfriend at the time, though we were on our way out, about the possibility of going into real estate, she abruptly replied, you aren't going to get your licenses so don't even talk about it. 3 Months later I was single and licensed, both turning out to be very beneficial decisions. From the second I started looking into the business I knew it made sense, the information really stuck and was able to really pick up the "bold font" of the technical side early which allowed me to start reading between the lines which is the only real way to get ahead and sustain from what I had seen from my early mentors in the business. 

Tell us about one of your most interesting deals.

We have always prided ourselves on finding solutions to complex problems and we had a transaction that really pushed the limits in terms of finding a solution. It was a townhome transaction, and the seller had told us about the community pool (gave us the fob for photos and all) so of course we included it in our marketing. About 10 days before closing I got a call from the buyers agent that it turns out this complex has no pool and the one we showed was for a different HOA/Complex. Called my seller immediately to address and she was just as confused, even showing me discussion of pool hours/more in their HOA newsletter. Turns out the complex split down the middle in a sale in terms of HOA managements and though they had allowed it, officially it wasn't officially available to the new owner who know claimed the pool was one of the main reasons (of course right) she wanted the place...for the "single lifestyle" she said. Being around the corner from Las Colinas Country Club, I got a hold of membership to have a 2 year social membership priced out. Once I got the number, I discussed with my client to see if they felt the amount, which was under $4K, would be worth the spend to finalize the deal which she said she felt great about. Called the buyers agent, let her know we could get her an even better lifestyle upgrade and hopefully in 2 years she won't be living the single life so the pool won't matter. Agent went from telling us the deal was dead to getting a call saying her client loved the idea and was willing to move forward. Deal Saved, my client was thrilled and though it took a very purposeful offer we got it closed with no issues, never a dull moment. 

What are your daily “must-do(s)”?

My career has always been more of a lifestyle than structure and with the diversity of our business we don't have a lot of set daily task outside our processes for active transactions/clients which we monitor and address daily. In terms of true daily "must-do", we have one we live by pretty religiously which is sugar free red bulls all day/everyday. 

How do you like to spend your free time?

I will let you know once that comes back into my life. Becoming harder and harder to find it but generally just spend it with family or at a game, we have season tickets to Mavericks, Rangers and SMU Football, though those are getting harder to go too as my girls get older.

Share one thing on your bucket list. 

I am lucky enough to actually say I have checked something off. Was able to win an auction that allowed me to throw the first pitch at a Rangers game. Pretty surreal for sure but happy to report that I threw from the mound and made it over the plate, so no 50 Cent moment for me on the mound. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your business?

Honored to be a recurring Guest Professor at the SMU Dedman School of Law where I lecture on the relationship of the parties and where transactions tend to go south and the lawyers are needed to be brought in. We try to represent our clients more in the fashion of a Financial Advisor/Attorney type relationship and take our fiduciary duties to our clients extremely seriously.  

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