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As Seen in CAR Magazine: 8 Things to Gift Your Clients This Holiday Season

Leverage agents share their go-to holiday gifts to show their appreciation and to secure clients for life.

Presenting your clients with a thoughtful holiday (or closing!) gift is a great way to show your appreciation and keep you at the top of their minds next time they’re in pursuit of an agent. The California Association of Realtors’ November/December magazine issue features a holiday gift guide for agents looking for the perfect gifts for their clients.  The gift guide features eight top agents from across the state who share their best gift ideas, including Leverage agents, Tamika Ellsworth of EQ1 Real Estate and Sari Cooper of Red Oak Realty

Agent at EQ1 Real Estate in Silicon Valley, CA, Tamika Ellsworth shared her unique and thoughtful, go-to holiday gift: peg doll sets. “A client favorite is a peg doll set of the family, including pets. It’s a cute way to commemorate the day they became homeowners, and a reminder of what the family structure looked like at that time. It’s a great conversation piece, which keeps the agent top of mind, Ellsworth said. Peg dolls are available on for $15 per doll. Click here to view the selection. 

Sari Cooper, Agent with Red Oak Realty, gifts clients beautiful cutting boards for holidays and to celebrate closings. “A cutting board stays in the kitchen forever and is used frequently on both special occasions and every day. Someone gave me one 20 years ago and I still have it,” Cooper said. She recommends visiting for high-quality cutting boards that range from $100-200. 

Placement secured by the Leverage PR Team. Click here to view the full November/December issue. Click here to view the holiday gift guide.

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