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Meet Andrew Burns: Director of Burns and Burns

"Your integrity and your reputation are, without question, the most important things you've got," explains Andrew Burns, Director of Burns and Burns, when asked about the qualities of success that others see in him. "I work very hard to make sure that is upheld."

Andrew calls himself "very lucky" to have been born and raised in the world of real estate. His mother, Julia, started Burns and Burns, along with Andrew's father, Richard, in 1978. Andrew jokes that he basically "finished my (school) exams on a Friday at 5 PM and started working in real estate the next morning," in 1981.

His parents have been, and continue to be, great mentors for him. They provided the template for Andrew so that he could take the company to the level it is today: one of the leading full-service real estate companies in Sydney, Australia's exquisite North Shore.

Located just thirty minutes from Sydney, the beautiful North Shore area, surrounded by parks, is home to some of the country's best educational systems, both public and private, and is, therefore, a very desirable location for families.

Andrew, husband to Catherine, and father to sons Richard and James, takes pride in owning the only real estate company in the area open seven days a week. He believes that, although Sunday may be seen as a day of leisure, business opportunities abound. Burns jokes, "while others may go to the beach, we make sales."

How have technology, social media and online marketing changed/challenged your approach to your business?

Andrew: When I started in 1981, none of this existed; there is no question that technology has changed the way we do business. You have to engage in social media and do it effectively; trying to find the time to do it, without taking too much time away from other parts of the business, is a real challenge. However, customer service and your relationships with people are always going to be of utmost importance.

How do you deal with the new 24-hours-a-day business expectations?

Andrew: People want things done "yesterday." I make myself available all the time; I have my phone with me everywhere I go and if I were to leave the phone at home, I'd feel very guilty about that. Having Barbara, Office Manager, know everything that's going on with our clients gives her the ability to respond immediately, as well.

What career accomplishments are you most proud of?

Andrew: Figuring out what our clientele wants to achieve, helping them accomplish it, and seeing them happy with the results. We have quite a number of record sales in the area but we work at all price points.

Andrew prides himself with maintaining long-term relationships with his team with the goal of helping agents make as much as possible. He makes himself available to go out on listings with them, assist with negotiations and supports an open office space so that his agents can come to him at any time for assistance.

As it is important to have something to enjoy outside of the office, Andrew plays touch football weekly, which is "good fun, good exercise and quite good for business, as well," as it is a sport that is enjoyed by the entire community, easily played by all ages.

Leverage Global Partners is truly honored to have Andrew Burns and his team at Burns and Burns as a member of the network.

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