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Floor Trends for 2019

Whether you are decorating a new home or looking for a way to freshen up your current digs, there is no better way to spruce up a room than from the ground up.

Redefine your living space with these five trends that prove pragmatic, sustainable flooring has never been more accessible - or more fun!

Laminate flooring has been all the rage in recent years. It makes sense why so many people are opting for laminate - it has the look of hardwood while being waterproof and scratch resistant. This budget friendly option is readily available at your local home improvement store in a range of finishes. Most laminates use a glue-free installation, meaning you can have your dream home in less time.

Reclaimed wood floors are an eco-friendly way to add character to your home. Online distributors like Vintage Timberworks and Elmwood Reclaimed Timber source and customize reclaimed wood by the foot. If you prefer to do your own sourcing, you can call salvage yards in your area for a unique find with local roots. From rustic barn wood that embraces distressing and color variations to smooth teak that will enrich any decor, reclaimed floors tell a story of their own.

Natural fiber area rugs like jute, sisal, or seagrass add a layer of texture and warmth to your furnishings. Their neutral shades compliment any interior color scheme, creating a sense of harmony with the external realm. Natural fiber rugs are a great choice for pet owners as they are both durable and allergy friendly.

Small spaces like bathrooms and laundry rooms should not be overlooked! Tile laid in a herringbone pattern creates intrigue and drama. The effect can be subtle or more striking depending on the size and color of the tiles. Larger tiles create gentle sense of movement without overwhelming the eye. Smaller tiles will produce a more obvious pattern, which can be further amplified with a contrasting color. The possibilities are endless and completely customizable!

Concrete is frequently used in the exterior parts of a home due to its durability. However, concrete floors can also be modified to suit the interior of your home. While installation will definitely require a contractor, the trade off might be worth it for some. Radiant heat can be  installed along with your new concrete floors, providing a cost effective and more enjoyable alternative to forced air heating. Say goodbye to dry winter air and cold feet! Concrete can be tailored to your individual style and taste, best complimenting a modern aesthetic.

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