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Travel is magic. Whether for business or pleasure, going places broadens one’s view. Of course, getting there is not necessarily without hitches. But there are plenty of new ideas in travel tools that can help assure a smooth landing.

Away is an online retailer that aims to disrupt the luggage industry through transparent pricing, beautiful design, and high-tech fabrication materials. Their suitcases feature TSA approved locks, wet compartments, and built-in compression bags. But their real claim to fame is in their nifty charging station. No one who has been stuck with a dying phone in an airport with limited power outlets could fail to appreciate this feature.

Bric’s on the other hand doesn’t need to worry about disrupting anything. Established in 1952, this Italian house has been crafting posh luggage in traditional and modern styles with no let up. Their decidedly retro Bellagio collection marries a polycarbonate shell with Tuscan leather trim. It comes in a number of conservative color combos—including a powder-puff pink.

You know how it goes. You’re packing and you’ve got your phone, your tablet, your laptop, your e-reader, your headphones and each one has its own charger. The company BUBM feels your pain. They’ve designed some good-looking and insanely practical portfolios that can stash all your electronics and their cords in easy-to-see compartments.

And with all those devices you’re going to need power. The Jackery Bolt is a favorite of frequent flyers for its speed of charging but also due to its clever inclusion of cables so you don’t need to scramble to find one.

Tech magazine Wirecutter analyzed the six most popular travel rewards cards. Their recommendation: for anyone who spends $2000+ monthly, the Chase Sapphire Reserve card is the way to go. Travelers will enjoy perks like lounge access and transferable points to hotel and airline loyalty programs.

Keeping a travel journal can be rewarding pastime that remains a lifelong treasure.Tripcast is a mobile app that lets you easily chronicle your journey through photos, maps and comments and share with your chosen friends—away from the public social media frenzy. It makes travel journaling fun and effortless. And unlike Snapchat or Instagram Stories, it can live forever.

If you prefer to journey and journal old-school, the Adventure Assist has created a thoughtfully-designed notebook that includes trip planning and to-do lists, calendar pages, handy passport-sized pockets for stowing tickets, mementos, and notes, and blank pages for dreaming and sketching. Bon voyage!

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