Meet Lynne Davie: President of Beauchamp Estates, Florence, Italy

Lynne Davie has had international exposure from day one. Originally from Scotland, then living in London, England, Davie has worked independently in the real estate world prior to Beauchamp, and understands the rhythm of high-end and luxury real estate. Davie's well-established and top-tier portfolio deemed her the perfect fit to run Beauchamp Estates' Florence/Tuscany branch. It is with great pleasure that I introduce Lynne Davie.

A firm believer that her business is more of a consultancy than a sales firm, Lynne understands her clients' needs from a personal perspective. Branching out from her prior business of relocation services and property rentals, Davie recalls a turning point when she decided to go out on her own.

Focusing on high-end real estate transactions, Davie found great success in independence. With much of her business being foreign, Davie also offers additional closure services. Finding great pleasure and satisfaction in helping her clients through the process, she enjoys staying in touch with past clients and considers many her friends. Davie and her associates will help with everything from finding schools to turning on power, as they know that there is more to buying a house then just signing a sales contract.

Lynne2One of her proudest accomplishments, Davie fondly remembers, was establishing and developing her business that has now become quite successful. "Establishing a business in a foreign country, from absolutely nothing, I find that quite a good achievement," she says. Davie also says that, with all of the regulations and rules that go along with starting a business in Italy, it has been quite an accomplishment to come this far. Having taught herself the language, without schooling, Lynne is an extremely ambitious and dedicated woman.

Davie says that having a passion for living and working in the region is not difficult if you've seen Tuscany. The natural beauty of the area keeps Davie in love with her work and the fabulous properties that she is able to represent. "The weather is really great. We have seasons. Great summers-cold winters, but really great summers! The food and wine! I know it sounds really cliché, but it's a lifestyle. There's a good quality of life here." For Davie, it is this quality of life that has allowed her to be so happy and successful in another country.

Davie says that family was a huge part of her decision to live and work in Florence. As a citizen of the UK, she believed that her son's quality of life would be better growing up in the Tuscany region. Experiencing much of the normal heartache early on that comes with relocation, Davie couldn't be happier with her decision to stay in Italy. Having a 14-year-old son and living in the Tuscany region has taught Lynne to be very flexible and live in the moment. She says, "I've learned to live for today, and I think that's a much better way to live."

With a background in sales and marketing, Davie is keenly aware of the importance in technology and web-based media today. She will tell you that much of her presentation to clients takes place online with high-quality photography and marketing materials. "You can't just have nice pictures anymore, now you need downloadable brochures, videos, social media, business cards, everything," Davie says. "For my clients, the first port of call will either be the web or emails with information that I send them. So, it's really important." Davie has a wonderful grasp on the new era of technology and says, "I have to convince someone to get on a plane, so for me, it's really important. I'm selling a dream."

Davie has a crossover hobby in the business of property, as well. She is an interior designer, but more specifically enjoys refurbishing and restoring classic artisan furniture. With a partner, she has traveled to markets all over Europe to find pieces to restore. In a gorgeous region of the world like Tuscany, it is no wonder that her other hobbies include swimming, running, and cycling. She is also a great lover of Italian food and wine, having taught herself to cook since coming to the country.

When asked how her colleagues might describe her, Davie said with a chuckle, "I think, or, I hope they would say, focused, determined, aggressive sometimes — good and bad — instinctive, good and bad. I hope generous, a good sense of humor, I hope, and [she pauses] I don't know what else, you'll have to ask them. They're still with me! I suppose that says a lot."

Leverage Global Partners is happy to welcome Lynne Davie and Beauchamp Estates Florence to the network.

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