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Meet Tere Shelton Bernace: Shelton and Stewart Realtors, Coral Gables

When Tere Shelton Bernace saw an opportunity to stay in the Miami area and work with her family and a group of supporting associates, she jumped at the chance. Following in the footsteps of her mother, a woman who she holds in the highest regard, Bernace is now the Owner and Managing Partner at Shelton and Stewart Realtors. This is Tere Shelton Bernace.

A graduate of Yale University, Cum Laude, with a Masters from The American Graduate School of International Management, Shelton Bernace had a very successful career as Regional Director with Barclays Bank. Working with some of the organization's biggest international clients, she oversaw the Argentinian and Chilean Banking sectors.

After 15 years working with the company, they decided to move her branch of the organization to New York, and she was faced with a choice. "In 2002, the bank decided to relocate their Latin American operations to New York City and having settled in Miami, I did not want to move.  I always admired my mother's work ethic, drive and tenacity, so this was the opportunity to follow in her footsteps," says Shelton Bernace.

With a devout allegiance to her family, she joined her mother's firm, Shelton and Associates Realtors, Inc., which she brokered and co-owned for seven years. In 2009, her brokerage "joined forces with Consuelo Stewart who had recently separated from a partner because she did not want to join a national firm and wished to remain independent."

Shelton Bernace calls her family the most important thing. "I couldn't do it without my family!!" she says. Her mother, who is also a partner, played a key role in her position to this day. Shelton Bernace's husband Carlos also works with the family business; he "handles all the financial matters of the company as well as certain operational issues. My brother Raul Salas is a real estate attorney and his office is located in the same building as our office; we refer business to him whenever possible." For Shelton Bernace, it really is a family affair.

A lover of her Miami environment for many reasons, Shelton Bernace says "Miami is multi-dimensional in many ways." Diversity being one of her many points of interest, she adds, “on a daily basis we deal with people from Latin America, Europe as well as the snowbirds from up north. The weather also helps and is obviously a point of attraction."

When asked about a specific turning point in her career, Shelton Bernace said, "having survived one of the worst real estate crises this country has ever experienced, and with Miami at the epicenter, certainly made me consider a career change more than once. But the contrary happened. I realized that our business model thrived even in the worst of times. It only strengthened my conviction in the importance of our relationship-based, hands-on approach to our business. It made us stronger both in the way we run our company, as well as in our market presence."

It is this kind of dedication to service and relationship development that has allowed the business to thrive. Proud of many achievements, Shelton Bernace was asked to join the Advisory Board of Master Brokers Forum, an accomplishment that she holds dear to her heart.

With a relationship based approach to this business, Shelton and Stewart Realtors also understands the importance of an online presence.  Currently in the process of revamping their website and web-based technologies campaign, Shelton Bernace says "as it relates to sales, there is no doubt that we deal with a younger and more technologically advanced clientele where technology plays a greater role. Whether it's having a more dynamic and robust web site with the ability to provide up to date information and virtual tours of properties, or to a transition where mobile devices are being used more and more." She and her team see the value in a technological and social media campaign and also states "there is no doubt that technology is playing an important factor, however, this is still a relationship business and the high percentage of repeat business is a testament to our success."

Shelton Bernace will admit that most of her time is given to work and family. She has one daughter, who is a volleyball-playing junior in high school, and one son, who attends the University of Michigan Business School. Also an avid exerciser, she'll tell you she enjoys working out on a regular basis. And, in any of her free time (which is limited) she enjoys reading a good book.

On how her colleagues might describe her, Shelton Bernace says, "I think I am a very approachable individual who takes pride in her work and is very involved in the business. I strive to be supportive of my associates, both in time shared in helping with issues they may face, no matter how small, as well as referring leads." Shelton Bernace was asked to join the Advisory Board of Master Brokers Forum, describing this as "an important endorsement from the top brokers in Miami."

With this hard working family woman it is certainly clear, her heart is in the right place. Leverage Global Partners is excited and proud to welcome Tere Shelton Bernace and Shelton and Stewart Realtors to the team.

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