Mallorca, Spain: Mallorca Fares Well in Holiday Costs

British company Post Office has posted its yearly Holiday Costs Barometer, which compares average costs on a holiday vacation in several popular holiday destinations. And Mallorca fared very well this year.

Post Office takes 10 popular tourist items by price, adding them up for a total cost. Some of these things might include a can of Coke, a bottle of water, and some sunscreen. The total cost is then compared to the total cost for the same items in other holiday hotspots. Then, when all is said and done, a list is released so that anyone going on holiday (vacation, in the States) can compare prices and determine their destination based on financial responsibility. Sounds good to me.

Mallorca had an 8.8% decrease in prices this year, making it number five most affordable out of twenty destinations polled. This bodes very well for the already popular destination island, putting it ahead of Croatia, Nice, Tuscany, and Dubai (which seems pretty obvious).

Mallorca has already seen an increase in accommodation reservations, over the past month, and is currently seeing temperatures across the region rise. If you are planning a getaway to the island of Mallorca, be sure to make a reservation with plenty of time, and other than that it looks like you're in luck. Mallorca is a pretty affordable destination.

Some other popular places that made the list were Sunny Beach, Bulgaria (#4), Orlando, USA (#6), Corfu, Greece (#9), and Sorrento, Italy (#19). The lower the number the better.

Do these statistics affect your decision about where to take your vacation this year?  How do you feel about the Holiday Costs Barometer?  Does this change your thoughts process at all?

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