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In Search Of...The World's Hottest Winter Travel Destinations

Winter has wrapped a snowy white blanket around so many in the Northern Hemisphere, with spring still a very distant fantasy. Maybe it's time to warm up your thoughts by planning to relax on a luxurious tropical island, adventure through a rainforest, or bask in the Southern Hemisphere’s summertime warmth.

Offering abundant sunshine and balmy temperatures, here are our picks for the best destination hot spots to beat the chill this winter, featuring some of our Leverage Partner cities:

Maui, Hawaii
Home of The Wailea Group

From the scenic slopes to beaches that have repeatedly been voted among the best in the world, a visit to Maui recharges the senses.

Sydney, Australia
Home of Allam Real Estate & Burns and Burns

With more than 340 sunny days per year, escape to the “Land Down Under” from December through March to enjoy their gorgeous summer months.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Home of Timothy Real Estate Group

Combining old world Spanish charm with modern amenities, this delightful town is home to humpback whales and sun-starved travelers in the winter.

Malibu, California
Home of Partners Trust Real Estate Brokerage & Acquisitions

Home to sandy beaches and Hollywood movie stars, this breathtaking coastal city captures panoramic ocean views from the surrounding mountains.

Costa Rica
Home of Plantación Properties

With beautiful beaches, exotic rain forests, and abundant wildlife, it’s easy to see why Costa Rica is one of the happiest countries in the world.

Miami, Florida
Home of Turnberry International Realty and Shelton & Stewart Realtors

Bask in the warm sun on South Beach, pamper yourself with a lavish spa treatment, or explore the eclectic art scene of this trendy Florida hot spot.

Big Island, Hawaii
Home of Mauna Kea Realty

Adventure awaits on the largest of the Hawaiian islands hike in Volcanoes National Park or take a night dive with manta rays for the ultimate vacation experience.

Which of these travel destinations would you most like to spend the cold winter months?

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