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Crown Realty Merges with Local Kansas City Area Franchise

Crown Realty, the exclusive representative for Leverage Global Partners in the Kansas City area, has recently announced their merger with local franchise Reece & Nichols Miami County.

“We are thrilled to welcome the additional agents and the experience that they bring.” – Katie Casey, CIO/Realtor at Crown Realty

Read the article: Reece & Nichols Miami County Merges with Crown Realty

Gary Hosack, owner of Crown Realty, and Kathy Minden, owner of Reece and Nichols Miami County, recently announced the merger of their two companies.

Gary stated, "Kathy and I have always had a great working relationship and this merger will help to grow Crown Realty and will benefit not only our current customers and clients but also our future ones."

Hosack and Minden have both been active in the Paola community for over 40 years, and have a combined 71+ years of real estate experience!

"The merger of the two companies will put all the top agents in the area under one name.  I can only see it as a positive for all involved," Kathy said.

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