Red Oak Realty: ROOF Announces Recipient of $10,000 Community Excellence Award

Red Oak Realty, the exclusive representative for Leverage Global Partners in the Berkeley, California area, recently announced that their charity organization, Red Oak Opportunity Foundation (ROOF), will be giving a $10,000 cash award to an East Bay individual who has made it their life’s work to better the community.

Jill Ellis, Co-Founder and retired Executive Director of the Center for Early Intervention of Deafness (CEID), will be the first recipient of the ROOF Community Excellence Award. She will accept the special award during the ROOF 30th Anniversary Celebration on February 21, 2015.

Jill became interested in sign language in college. “I always had an affinity for languages,” she says. “Signing came naturally to me.”

Jill has spent more than 30 years committed to the detection of early hearing loss and intervention for babies, children, and families in the East Bay. Currently the CEID serves approximately 70 babies and young children every year, but the number of people actually served — including siblings, parents, grandparents, bus drivers, nannies, and babysitters — is closer to 350.

Red Oak Realty established ROOF for the purpose of supporting local homeless, educational, and other organizations whose focus is helping residents of the communities Red Oak serves. Since 1985, thanks to the generosity of the ROOF community, ROOF has been annually distributing grants. 2015 marks our 30th year and a total of $1,000,000 granted to many worthy organizations, enabling them to make a real difference in the lives of East Bay residents.

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