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Mykonos Cuisine: 3 Mykonos Foods You Must Try

As is normal with most sections of the world, very specific goods, products, or foods become synonymous with the region over time.  The native people will do things a certain way or develop a specific style, taste, or craftsmanship, throughout history, that is only found throughout the region. Mykonos, Greece is no exception, and we have a list of some of those exclusively Mykonosian goods.

One such item was Mykonos ceramics. These finely crafted ceramic containers were in high demand when the nearby island of Delos was a popular trading hub. Over time, other craftsmen were able to reproduce such ceramics in higher volumes and at lower costs, thus diminishing demand.

But it seems as though culinary creations are a bit harder to re-create, as there are several dishes within Mykonos cuisine that they’ve been able to keep their own.

    Often served as an appetizer or to accompany traditional Greek Ouzo, this soft cheese has a very unique taste. Sharp with bite, and creamy colored, it is a local favorite. You will find it at most local dining establishments or cafes. Handmade from cow, sheep, or goat's milk (sometimes a combination of the three), this cheese is not made by any machines.
  2. LOUZA
    This salami, similar to prosciutto, is made from pork, salt, peppers, and herbs and hung to dry for a month or more. What makes this salami so special is the herb called "savory" that grows wildly on the island.
    The sweetest of these three unique Mykonos cuisine dishes, this pastry translates to an almond sweet. Available in two forms, there is the long powdered sugar coated cookie form and the round baked cake "basket" form. Found at any local bakery.

Be sure to try these specific Mykonos cuisine items when you are on the island.

Have you tried kopanisti, louza, or amigthalota before? Do these local favorites sound good, bad, interesting? Let us know in the comments below!

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