Timothy Real Estate Group: 2014 Real Estate Market in Review

Condominiums Under Contract 2013, 179

Learn the latest real estate news from Leverage Partner Timothy Real Estate Group, who recently released their 2014 year end market review, with statistics and analysis covering the Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, real estate market.

Interesting facts based on data from December 29, 2014 MLS statistics:



Condominiums Under Contract 2014, 309. That is a 72% increase.

Condominiums Sold 2013, 179

Condominiums Sold 2014, 273. That is a 52% increase.

Sales Volume 2013 in Condominium Sales $49,687,702

Sales Volume 2014 in Condominium Sales $84,701.291. That is a 70% increase.

Average Condominium Sales Price 2013, $277,585.

Average Condominium Sales Price 2014, $310,261. That is an 11% increase.


Houses Under Contract 2013, 262

Houses Under Contract 2014, 400. That is a 53% increase.

Houses Sold 2013, 256

Houses Sold 2014, 355. That is a 39% increase.

Sales Volume 2013 in House Sales $90,110,040.

Sales Volume 2014 in House Sales $125,128,241. That is a 39% increase.

Average House Sales Price 2013, $351,992.

Average House Sales Price 2014, $352,474. This represents no change in pricing.

Although this news is very exciting for homeowners we still have a way to go before full recovery so this is a great time for Buyers to get in the game before those Average Sales prices start to climb back up which you can see is starting to happen in a healthy way.

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