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Meet Roi Deldimou: Beauchamp Estates, Mykonos

A self-described salesperson at heart, Roi Deldimou was the Managing Director of the finest jewelry company in Greece prior to making her way into real estate.

Originally from Athens, Roi has been living and working in Mykonos, Greece for the last twelve years, and has been running the Mykonos branch of Beauchamp Estates since its opening. A career change from fine jewelry to real estate might seem unusual, but a chance encounter with Beauchamp Estates' Managing Director, Gary Hersham, at her jewelry store changed her life’s direction in a fantastic way.

Roi's natural skill for working with exclusive clientele did not go unnoticed by Hersham. On meeting Gary, she recalls that “he walked in as a client and walked out as a friend.” This, for Roi, was the turning point, as Hersham would later recruit Roi to open and run the Beauchamp Estates' Mykonos location shortly after.

Truly speechless, when asked what she loves about Mykonos, she explained that, for her, it's not one thing about Mykonos that she loves: it's so much more. Although Mykonos is an island famous for being a tourist and vacation destination, she said the amount of stress in a place like this is so much less than that of a big city or, really, anywhere else. And the nature of her job allows her to explore the whole island and get anywhere she needs in a matter of minutes. She recalls living in Athens, having to sit in throngs of cars and traffic, often arriving late to meetings. But, in Mykonos, she says, "I can get anywhere I need to be in 15 minutes at most. It is such an amazing place to live. Everybody is happy."

_ASC5011A dedicated professional, mother and wife, Roi will admit that she must work long hours, sometimes bringing her work home with her. But, the support of her husband and 12-year-old son means more to her than is imaginable. She says that if her family were not happy and supporting of her aspirations in this business, it wouldn’t be the right fit for her. She loves what she does and her position with Beauchamp Estates Mykonos, and with the support of her family, she feels that she is doing exactly what she's meant to do.

Describing her transition into, and enthusiasm for, this business, Roi states:

"There is a moment when you feel that you have given everything that you can give in your field up to this point. And you have nothing to gain or nothing more to achieve, and this was the point where I decided I would like to jump to another field — to start exploring again from the beginning, like a student. I was learning everyday, and I am a very big fan of technology, the Internet and gadgets, so I am always searching for something. It's never-ending. I go home and I continue to learn."

While at the time Roi's career change had appeared to be unplanned, she now realizes that her passions for property, architecture, and Mykonos have always been guiding forces that make her a natural talent for luxury real estate.

A major advocate for social media and online connection, she says:

"It's a huge source of information, for everyone. In business, I think it's important to be very well positioned with these things, for the profile of the company — not only our company, but for any company. It's the main source of information for people in 2013, so I think it is very important."

A true lover of her environment, she likes to get outside and take advantage of the crystal clear waters in her own backyard: the Mediterranean Sea. Being in a gym indoors does not excite her; rather, she loves to take very long rides around the island on her bicycle. "It's fresh air, it's clean, so I like to be outside. Riding my bike and swimming are two of the top things I like to do." And if stressed, which is not often, she will practice yoga to recapture her calm.

Roi says her colleagues would call her a multi-tasking woman who likes to be in control with her business. Patient and calm is her natural state, she says, while discretion is of the highest importance to her and her clientele. Such a pleasure to speak with, Roi has a very confident comfort to her, which (to this interviewer) is such a nice quality.

Leverage and its partners are so pleased to have Roi Deldimou, and her associates at Beauchamp Estates Mykonos, on board.

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