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Florence, Italy: Notte Bianca Firenze 2013, An All Nighter

Notte Bianca translates to White Night in English. White Nights are typically nights in places where the sun doesn't fully set during the summer months and total darkness is never seen. So, when you hear that the White Night festival is happening in Florence, what do you think? Yup, it's an all-nighter!

The Notte Bianca Firenze 2013 is an all-night festival that showcases local artists, musicians, craftspeople, businesses, restaurants, and much more. The local festival involves the entire city and brings in many more people than the city center's local resident population.

The over 100,000 partygoers watch live shows and music as they hop from bar to bar strolling along one of the city's many magically lit palazzos.  Oftentimes, the traffic throughout the city is too much to bear, and one must concede to their current location for a glass of beer or wine and local bruschetta.

This year's Notte Bianca will take place on April 30, 2013, starting earlier in the day, but officially from 6pm to 6am. Be sure to get where you want to be in the city early, because come 9pm, the city is jam packed.

You can find this year's Notte Bianca lineup here. And be sure to let us know how the all-night festivities play out.

Have you ever been to a White Night festival before?  How about Florence's Notte Bianca? Have you been to an organized all night party before?  Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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