Art Walk LA: Downtown Features Over 40 Art Galleries

As the midday heat begins to cool and the sun goes down between the buildings in the west, the lights of downtown Los Angeles start to twinkle. The light, now a golden color, shines through the windows of the more-than-40 art galleries and exhibits taking part in the monthly gathering called The Downtown Art Walk.

On the stretch of roads at Spring and Main, between 2nd and 9th streets, you'll find the galleries, activities, and art exhibits to fill your artist void, taking place today and every second Thursday of the month in downtown LA, from around 12 noon to 10pm.

The Art Walk features art from hundreds of local artists at over 40 local galleries, and aims to support, promote, and boost the downtown economy and businesses. Excellent for lovers of the arts, newcomers, and families, this monthly event has something for everyone. And, a number of wonderful downtown restaurants are open and available for business during this artists amble.

“The Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk is a monthly showcase and celebration of galleries, artists, restaurants, shops and small businesses located in Downtown Los Angeles with a mission of enhancing the economic development and revitalization of the community for businesses, visitors, and residents.”

For those interested in buying art or even perhaps getting inspired by it, the earlier the better for this event. Come nightfall, the bustling nightlife makes its way out into the streets and the energy of the city comes to life. A great place to be if into that sort of thing, otherwise it can be a bit busy for my tastes. Either way, you can find a great gallery or exhibit to share with your friends, or even just come to check out the city — something for everyone.

What is your favorite area for art in Los Angeles? Do you have a favorite gallery? Have you been to the Downtown Art Walk before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo courtesy of LoftSEVEN213’s Flickr.

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