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Suzi Apple: Gateway Land's President Loves Living and Working in Vail

Suzi Apple never planned to get into real estate; in fact, she felt her true calling was to help the oppressed people living under the domination of the Soviet ruling class. That is, until she first visited the Vail Valley on a trip with a friend.

Seeing the "intense beauty" of this place must have had an impact, because years later, Gateway Land and Development Real Estate was born: a company conceived from integrity and hard work, and helmed by a woman of true character. This is Suzi Apple.

Originally from Illinois, Apple went to University of Kansas to study Russian and Soviet Politics. She had a passion for international relations, but after spending a summer during college in Vail, she fell in love with the people and the land, eventually deciding to call it home.

She started her journey into real estate working on-site at a new development called Arrowhead at Vail. Eventually, Arrowhead was acquired by a larger company, one with which Apple's values did not mesh and, in one day, Suzi decided to start her own brokerage: Gateway Land and Development Real Estate.

A caretaker by nature, Apple says she "had to develop leadership skills, where I could actually help nurture people without taking care of them." Holding family nearest to her heart, her two daughters Aubrie and Ashley joined in the family business. Apple says that real estate has allowed her to not only "serve my customers, but also serve my family." Apple had a vision of her company, "my vision was to create an environment of integrity, product knowledge, and where the brokers and their clients truly enjoy the discovery process."

A turning point for Suzi was on her first development project called The Greens at Arrowhead. She was involved from the ground up, and realized that she enjoyed every aspect of the business. She loves to make people's dreams come true, and saw a great future for Gateway when she understood this about herself.

Apple has such a passion for Vail and its beauty, so it's no surprise that she found success selling it. She says that with modern technology and online media, it’s so much easier to convey that beauty to others. Technology "really has helped everyone, so much, but for Vail and its homes, this digital era is perfect. Particularly, when you have something spectacular to share," she says.

Gateway Real Estate will celebrate its 20th anniversary in July 2013, and over the years, it has expanded into one of the top brokerages in the Vail Valley. With two prime office locations, Gateway offers a diverse and multi-talented group of brokers with extensive experience including ski-in/ski-out homes, golf course residences, rental opportunities, commercial properties and gentleman or working ranches. The diversity of phenomenal products only intensifies Suzi's contagious love of the Vail Valley, and it shows in her business: "Vail, Colorado is such an extraordinary place with such extraordinary beauty, and it's very difficult to express just how magnificent the land is here."

Apple is a great lover of the outdoors and takes every advantage of the pristine mountain environment. Some of her outside interests include hiking, golf, skiing, snowshoeing, and cooking, all with her family. "The only problem living and working in a place like this is you always feel like you're missing out on something else amazing."

When asked how her partners might describe her, Apple said that "integrity is number one with me. Always tell the truth, no matter what. Total commitment to whatever I'm doing, and I'm told I'm hard working. They might say tenacious, too... (pause)... fun, and I'm fun!" She ended with a chuckle.

Leverage Global Partners is thrilled to have Apple and her team on board. It seems pretty clear, Suzi Apple is active, full of life, and loves what she does. And in a breathtaking environment like Vail, Colorado, what more can you ask for?

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