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Social Media Spotlight: 7 Great Digital Marketing Tools for Real Estate

A social media presence is essential to today's real estate business. Yes, face-to-face meetings and interpersonal interactions between agents and clients are vital, but social media can provide realtors and their companies with more business and networking opportunities than ever before.

Our Leverage partners are actively engaged in social media marketing. By utilizing the wide range of digital marketing tools available, our partners are able to showcase their personalities and reach an even wider range of potential clients.

Check out these 7 great digital marketing tools for real estate and explore how our Leverage Partners are using them:


Lawrence Realty

In today’s world, your clients are probably on Facebook. Real estate companies and agents can use Facebook Company Pages to start conversations, to network with current clients, and share useful information.



Twitter is an exciting way to interact. Tweeting offers a fun, fast way for real estate professionals to share market updates, offer quick tips and interact with potential clients as well as other agents.


Beachy Beach Real Estate

Blogging is an easy and engaging way for real estate companies and agents to promote listings and provide important market and community news to potential clients. In today’s real estate climate, it’s a must-have component of any successful social media campaign.


Ascent Real Estate

YouTube is the number two search engine next to Google, a robust resource for connecting with people. Showcasing videos of properties, tours of local hotspots and other exclusive content is a dynamic and popular way to provide value to clients.


Village Properties


With Pinterest, real estate companies and agents can share original photos or grab photos from around the web or from other Pinterest users–photos of beautiful homes, architectural styles, gorgeous gardens, organizational tips, recipes. Whatever the user’s interests are, these marketing tools allow real estate companies and agents to really sell themselves in an authentic, fun and engaging way.


Partners Trust

Another great social media tool is Instagram, the photo-sharing app. Realtors are always out in the community viewing beautiful properties and experiencing the great things their neighborhood has to offer. Capturing and sharing these images is a strong way to brand oneself as a community expert, to share local real estate gems and invite potential (and existing) clients into one’s exciting life.


Vanguard Properties

Mobile friendly sites are an essential component of a successful real estate campaign because many people use their phones to search the Internet. Having a mobile search app is an easy, useful way to showcase market expertise and to engage with clients on-the-go.

The world of real estate is a competitive business, not just for buyers and sellers, but for agents as well. A realtor must market his or herself with the same determination and integrity with which they market a property they are selling or when helping their client purchase the perfect new home. We are incredibly proud of our Leverage partners for their innovative approach to marketing and their keen understanding of how to make social media work for them.

How do you use Social Media to enhance your real estate business? Please share your thoughts below.

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