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In Search of: The World's Best Hot Chocolate

It’s Winter, which means it’s probably a bit chilly outside. Now is the perfect time for lighting a roaring fire, bundling up and imbibing in some delicious, warm beverages. What could be better for fighting the cold than hot chocolate?

You can take the easy route and make this classic treat straight from the packet, but for the best hot chocolate, the real kind, the kind that warms you up from the inside out and really makes your day, that’s the one you might have to venture outside for.

Where in the world is the best hot chocolate?  Here are some must-try places on your next global adventure:

New York:  At Jacques Torres Chocolate they not only serve the classic hot chocolate made with, what else, real chocolate, but their wicked hot chocolate is devilishly good and, advertised on the website, “features allspice, cinnamon, ground ancho chili peppers, and smoked, ground chipotle chili peppers!”

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Paris: Timeout favors Berthillon and describes its hot chocolate as “made from melted chocolate and cream, and – perhaps even naughtier – a chocolate 'affogato' (a ball of vanilla ice-cream, served in a white porcelain mug with hot chocolate poured on top and topped with praline cream).”

London: With a name like Choccywoccydoodah, it’s sure to be a unique chocolate-lovers experience at this spot.  Timeout promises their hot chocolate features “whipped cream, large pink marshmallows (all the better for squidginess), a dusting of cocoa and a magic wand of curled chocolate.”

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Lisbon: Claudio Corallo Cioccolato e Caffè is a charming coffee and chocolate spot in Lisbon with hot chocolate from the Sao Tome plantation that makes what the BBC has called “the best cocoa in the world”.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Tuscany:  It’s no surprise that this region, renowned for its chocolate makers like Amedei, puts out some incredible hot chocolate, rich and spicy from a dash of cinnamon or chili powder.  In a word, it's delicious and available for purchase throughout the region.

Photo courtesy of Amedei

You may never have thought the search for the best hot chocolate would involve plane travel, but wherever you find it, a steamy mug of the stuff seems to always hit the spot.

How do you like yours? With mini-marshmallows or straight up?  What’s the best hot chocolate you’ve ever had? Please share your experiences and leave your comments below.


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