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California Black Bears: Furry Wildlife Visit Pasadena Residents

Local Pasadena residents recently had a visit from some unwanted visitors: California Black Bears.

In the foothill residencies of some Pasadena communities, local black bears are finding their way into yards and backyards. California's black bears are no stranger to the residents of Pasadena, but that doesn't make these furry trash-can feeders welcome in residential neighborhoods.

Pasadena residents probably remember the 2012 story of Meatball, the food-chasing adventurer that made its way into town, only having to be harmlessly captured by wildlife officials. Meatball was eventually transported to Alpine, CA, where he is well cared for.

Although these animals look relatively harmless and cuddly, they can be quite dangerous and violent if threatened. And recently, a mother bear and her cub have made their home in a tree in the backyard of a family with small children. Peter Mavridis, the resident and father told KTLA News:

"You know in the past, they'd come by every now and then, but they seem to have made camp back here where this tree is."

The Department of Fish and Wildlife is hosting a film contest called Bear Aware for children about bear safety and awareness so that children will know what to do in situations like this one.

The contest is for high school students to use stock footage of bears and promote proper disposal of food and garbage that could attract bears to more populated areas.

Wildlife officials are encouraging residents to dispose of food and trash properly, so as to not entice wildlife out into public. If you have any questions, please contact your local department of wildlife.

Have you ever experienced a bear in a public place? What about California black bear? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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