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Meet Shaun Osher: Founder and CEO of CORE

A South African native, Shaun Osher set out in 2005 to create an innovative, independent real estate brokerage. Osher's company would set itself apart from any other NYC brokerages by embracing a focus on transparency and technology that would lead the way in the marketing and selling of real estate. Now a fixture on HGTV's Selling New York, with one of the most successful independent brokerages in New York City, he's come a long way. This is Shaun Osher.

At the age of 21, Shaun made a bold decision to get on a plane from South Africa to follow his dreams. He found himself in New York City with his saxophone and a thirst for success. A lover of music, Shaun would play his saxophone at venues throughout the city, earning just enough money to get by. But this wasn't enough for Shaun and, in 1994, he decided to enter the real estate business. After being a top-producing agent for the next 15 years in New York's downtown area, Shaun founded CORE in 2005. Top real estate developer Related Companies took notice in 2014 and invested a 50% stake in the business to further expand CORE's brand and offerings throughout New York City.

Osher says that he set out to create a company that had a different set of values than other NYC brokerages. "Our business model is different from other companies because we find inspiration from other innovative industries and think of ourselves as a marketing company first that happens to sell real estate." This foundation has proved to be quite successful for Shaun and his associates, and their customer-first approach has earned them a top seat as the go-to New York City brokerage.

A New York transplant, Osher has a great love for the city he lives and does business in. He says, "The energy and diversity of the city always keeps me on my toes and inspired." Aware of the differences in his market compared to other markets around the world, Shaun has a keen sense of the rhythm in his city. "The fundamentals are the same in the way that we think of the client first, and have built our resources to meet their needs. NY is a market that moves faster than other parts of the globe, so it is important to be nimble and responsive," he says.

As New York City's number one brokerage in its class, CORE's distinct market presence is attributed to its unwavering commitment to innovation, luxury, customer experience and the evolution of real estate. Osher has always had his finger on the pulse of technology and social media, and effectively understands its importance in this business.

Shaun says, "Technology evened the playing field for the small boutique business. In fact, it has given us the edge, because we have the ability to react faster, and innovate. We were the first company to embrace social media and online marketing and recognize it as a powerful medium to communicate."

This mindset has served CORE well, and in 2010 the company began its featured role on the television show Selling New York as an expert in local New York real estate. Now regulars on the show, Shaun has found great value in this exposure. Speaking on the HGTV featured-brokerage experience, Shaun said, "It has given us instant global recognition and a platform to showcase our agents and business."

Outside of selling some of New York City's finest real estate, Shaun's first love is jazz music and his saxophone. He'll play his sax any chance he gets. Additionally, he says, "I also love to stay active, so I'll cycle, run, and exercise quite a bit." Between this and his CORE duties, Shaun stays very busy.

When asked how his colleagues would describe him, Osher said, "Dedicated, honest, passionate, creative and full of energy." All qualities fitting for the President of the top independent brokerage in New York City.

Leverage Global Partners is thrilled to be working with Shaun Osher and his team at CORE, and welcome them to the network.

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