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Listed by Mountain Luxury Properties | Two Lakefront Legacy Properties with Timeless Lake Tahoe History

The picturesque shores of Lake Tahoe are awash with a rich history that spans centuries and endures today through the stunning properties decorating the shoreline.

Two properties currently on the market embrace the significance of their past while offering the epitome of modern-day Lake Tahoe living.

Initially selected as the personal residences of some of Lake Tahoe's famed original pioneers and investors, these two spectacular properties offer an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of the area's fabled history.

Lake Tahoe: A Fabled History

Founded as a logging community in the late 1800s, Glenbrook's story is deeply intertwined with the vision and contributions of Duane Bliss.

Bliss's story is one of self-made determination. He initially entered the mining world but later transitioned into the banking and logging industries. Bliss' journey would eventually lead him to become the proprietor of a vast expanse of land surrounding Lake Tahoe. Despite his logging ventures, he saw the importance of protecting the forest for the future, and spared trees less than 14-inches in diameter, so that the forest could repopulate. 

Bliss's profound appreciation for the magnificent beauty of Lake Tahoe inspired his eventual foray into the tourism and travel industries. Bliss dreamt of inviting people from all over the world to bask in the beauty of this natural wonder. He built a narrow-gauge railroad and brought the steamer boat, SS Tahoe, to the lake, so adventurous tourists could easily travel to and around Lake Tahoe. He graced the area with the luxurious Glenbrook Inn, a world-class vacation destination that would go on to host celebrities and world leaders for decades to come.

Bliss's influence extended well beyond his time. He sold approximately 14,600 acres of land to George Whittell, a man who shared his appreciation for the unrivaled beauty of Lake Tahoe. Whittell, known for the famous Thunderbird Lodge, ended up owning a significant portion of land along the east shore of Lake Tahoe, which years later became the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park, ensuring that future generations could also revel in the region's undeveloped rugged splendor.

The history of these two significant visionaries in Lake Tahoe history is alive and well today in the exceptional properties they selected as their personal residences, both of which are now offered on the market.

1955 Glenbrook Road, Glenbrook, Nevada: A Legacy Glenbrook Lakefront Estate

At the heart of this historical narrative lies 1955 Glenbrook Road, the property Bliss selected for his own personal estate on Lake Tahoe. He had the choice of any lakefront property, and his selection of this one underscores the allure of this location. Bliss and his family cherished many years of joy and tranquility at this enchanting site.

Originally part of the Glenbrook Inn, the compound of five cabins on this property were actually constructed around 1900 at a different lakefront location. In 1980, they were lovingly moved to this parcel and meticulously remodeled and winterized. Today, they stand as a testament to the rich heritage of Glenbrook and Bliss's enduring legacy.

The uniqueness of the property, with five separate units, allows for the opportunity to remodel the existing structures or reimagine the parcel's possibilities by designing a new home and guest home. The property includes two private buoys, shared use of one of the longest private deep-water piers on the lake, and a sandy beach along the shore. 

This legacy lakefront property presents a rare opportunity to own a piece of Lake Tahoe's esteemed history and natural splendor. 

1050 Skyland Drive, Zephyr Cove, Nevada: A newly constructed Modern Lakefront Dwelling

Lush forests, serene lakeshores, and breathtaking mountain vistas are all part of the backdrop highlighting the awe-inspiring 1050 Skyland Drive property.

Skyland's history dates back to the early 20th century, initially envisioned as a lakeside retreat to escape city life's hustle and bustle. In 1957, George Whittell sold 87 acres of his land, including 3,800 feet of lake frontage, to Skyland's founders who sought to preserve the area's beauty while creating an idyllic haven, inspiring another milestone in Skyland's impressive history. 

John Cheney, famed investor and developer, was one of Skyland’s original founders who had the luxury of selecting one of the premiere lots in Skyland located at 1050 Skyland Drive to build his own family lakefront home. The Cheneys’ home at 1050 Skyland Drive had been passed down through generations before selling in 2018 to the current owner who decided the highest and best use was to optimize the premiere location by constructing a new modern lakefront dwelling. 

With five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and over 4,690 square feet of living space, this home offers comfort and opulence. Vaulted ceilings and large windows allow light to flood the interior, framing breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding mountains. The sandy beach, buoy, and new shared 246 foot deep-water pier (and boat lift) make it relaxing and easy to enjoy the cerulean waters of Lake Tahoe. 

The open floor plan seamlessly connects the living spaces, creating an ideal setting for both intimate gatherings and grand entertaining. A gourmet kitchen, complete with high-end appliances and a spacious island, beckons culinary enthusiasts. Multiple fireplaces, including one in the primary suite, offer warmth and coziness on chilly Lake Tahoe evenings.

While offering the utmost in modern luxury and convenience, 1050 Skyland Drive maintains a deep respect for the surroundings and community traditions.

Advancing the Legacy of Lake Tahoe

The Mountain Luxury Properties team shares the original vision of Lake Tahoe, a place of restful retreat carefully crafted to preserve the beauty of the area.

Since its launch in May 2020, Mountain Luxury Properties has quickly established itself as one of the premiere boutique brokerages around all of Lake Tahoe, having represented 9 total lakefront transaction sides and 13 transaction sides greater than $5 million. 

The team is deeply rooted in the Lake Tahoe community, and many have called this area home for decades. With extensive experience in high-end transactions, they have a unique understanding of the complexities related to representing lakefront buyers and sellers in the Lake Tahoe basin.


Property Details:

1955 Glenbrook Rd, Glenbrook, NV

5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms

2,259 Square Feet

Offered at $25,000,000

Listed by: Jennie Fairchild


1050 Skyland Dr, Zephyr Cove, NV 

Offered at $20,888,000

6 Bedrooms, 5.5 Bathrooms

4,690 Square Feet

Listed by: Gregory Ochoa

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