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Member Spotlight: Ben Russell | Avenue 8

Ben’s career in construction and design started in 1999 in London, where he worked on multiple real estate projects in the trendy Notting Hill area of London’s West side.

Tired of the rain, Ben set his sights on sunny Southern California and settled in Venice Beach in 2008. Ben’s skills are not only based in sales; he understands that a deep knowledge of development, design, architecture, and construction is crucial to being a well-rounded agent. His signature blend of tenacity and expertise make him a sought-after agent in the L.A. area.

Hard work, charisma, and true passion for his business are the pillars of Ben's reputation. Specializing in all aspects of the real estate industry – whether helping first-time buyers navigate their purchase, finding the perfect property to flip, or leading the way through the luxury market – Ben is well-versed in the nuances of the process and he leverages his comprehensive background for the benefit of his clients. When he isn’t touring homes, you will find him at local Cars and Coffee events or cruising up the Angeles Crest Highway. 

How did you get into real estate?

I had been in the design/build field for many years and decided that real estate was the way to go. I love helping clients find homes, especially houses that need some work.



Tell us about one of your most interesting deals.

My most recent deal was for a couple who had been looking for the perfect home for over 10 years. They had been working with their parents’ realtor and didn't have a good connection with him. 

I met them at an open house for one of my other listings; their mother lived next door. They came in a few times, we got to talking, and they said, "We would like you to help us find our new home." I replied, "I will do whatever it takes to find it, and I won't give up." 

That was in February 2023, and we just closed in July 2023. The husband said, "If you can sell a home to my wife, you can sell a home to anyone. We have been looking for 10 years, and no one could do it."

We searched every off-market and expired listing for months and eventually found the perfect home for them.


What are your daily “must-do(s)?”

Keep in contact with my sphere of influence and know the market.


How do you like to spend your free time?

Anything car-related. I try and go to one Cars and Coffee each week. Keeping in contact with the car community has been a good networking opportunity for my career.


Share one thing on your bucket list.

To go to every continent – I am just missing two.



Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your business?

Coming from the U.K., our real estate market is very different, so I love to work with overseas buyers and help them negotiate the U.S. market and the differences. 

There is a lot of potential for overseas investors in California. I also own multiple Airbnb properties, so I love to help friends and clients invest and grow their portfolios.


Connect with Ben:

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