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Member Spotlight: Park46 Real Estate | Pleasanton, California

When award-winning real estate experts and Pleasanton residents Susan Schall and Stephany Jenkins decided to launch their own brokerage, they carefully considered everything from their approach to their company’s name: Park46.

Schall and Jenkins crafted a brand centered on the Pleasanton lifestyle they appreciate, inspired by the constellation of 46 neighborhood and community parks throughout the area. The two highly regarded real estate agents are centering their brokerage on bringing a fresh focus, modern approach, and local expertise to the Tri-Valley area encompassing Pleasanton, Livermore, and Dublin.

“Stephany and I had collaborated on several deals, and once we realized that both of us were looking for a change, we started outlining what that could look like,” said Schall. “We wanted to create something innovative that was truly all ours.” 

Schall brings over 17 years of real estate experience, as well as a background in marketing and branding for well-known brands, including Microsoft. She was named one of America’s Best Agents by Real Trends and The Wall Street Journal and Pleasanton’s Best Real Estate Team by Pleasanton Weekly as a founder of Fabulous Properties. Jenkins has been a licensed real estate agent since 2001 and brings over 25 years of sales and marketing experience to her role. Jenkins was also named one of America’s Best Agents by Real Trends and The Wall Street Journal.

Both agents spent many years at Keller Williams and Sotheby’s, honing their skills, expanding their networks, and adding Chairman’s Awards to their list of accomplishments before deciding to embark on this exciting new venture. With combined career sales of nearly $1 billion, these leaders in luxury real estate are ready to launch their own brand and brokerage focused on the Tri-Valley community.

“We wanted to discover our brand and create it in a way that’s authentic to us, and that’s what Side has done for us,” said Jenkins. “We have the oversight of our budget and can allocate it in the strategic way we see fit. With the freedom to customize a marketing plan for each property, we can move away from a one-stop-shop mentality and tailor our approach to every unique house or buyer.”

The well-established team is deeply rooted in the community, offering hyper-local insights and expertise in the Pleasanton, Livermore, and Dublin areas. 

“I’ve always said that we’re about quality over quantity,” said Jenkins. “We offer a luxury experience to every client at every price point. We’ve been very impressed with Side’s network of agents, the abundance mentality of the organization, and the innovative technologies available to us.” 

The team is poised to widen their focus to include agents on their team who sell in beach and lake communities, as many home buyers are looking to expand their real estate portfolio in those locations. Coincidentally, the Schall family lake house, at Lake Tulloch, happens to be just a swim across the cove from the lake house belonging to Stephany's family.

Schall and Jenkins don’t just empower their clients to embrace the Pleasanton lifestyle – they also live it. 

“Pleasanton is at the heart of what we do,” said Schall. “I raised my family in Pleasanton, and Stephany is raising her family here too. We have an immense appreciation for the outdoor lifestyle, the amazing sense of community, and the possibilities of living here. Park46 is the culmination of our real estate expertise and deeper commitment to the Tri-Valley area.” 

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