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Member Spotlight: Hedge Realty

Hedge Realty was carefully crafted by founders Alexa Glockner and Tim Little when they recognized an opportunity to build a real estate collective that mirrors the luxury, uniqueness, and rich creativity embodied by the North Bay area.

Longtime colleagues and collaborators, Glockner and Little leveraged their shared vision of cultivating a company steeped in personalization, excellence, and sophistication every step of the way. 

Glockner and Little spent a decade working together at Sotheby’s International Realty in Wine Country. They were also recruited as founding members of the Compass North Bay Office. Eventually, the two decided to embark upon their mutual goal – creating a team and brand that personifies the unparalleled mosaic of their community.

“The partnership between Alexa and I grew organically, and we have an amazing friendship,” said Little. “We were always very aligned in what we wanted to do, and when the opportunity to join Side came up, we started thinking – ‘what could it look like if we teamed up?’”

Hedge sees themselves as storytellers, putting imagination into action. Combining a deep well of local experience and insights, unparalleled market research, and exquisite, top-quality storytelling and presentation, they deliver refined content and targeted campaigns that don’t just depict the local lifestyle; they epitomize it. 

“We look at marketing from an editorial perspective,” said Little. “We don’t take typical photos. We create a cinematic experience to draw out the small details that set a house apart. It’s about finding the property’s individual story and creating an emotion. Harnessing those intangible details and feelings allows us to highlight every home’s optimal beauty.”  

Hedge’s personalized approach also drives results. The team recorded the highest average sales price and the highest average sales volume per agent in Petaluma in 2022. Their team continues to grow, with a new office space and new agents joining their team. 

As hyperlocal real estate experts, Glockner and Little envisioned a grassroots-style company that reflects the distinct feel of their community. 

“You’re not just buying a home, you’re buying into a community,” said Glockner. “We love the people in our area, and we wanted Hedge to feel like an extension of the incredible artisans, farmers, restaurants, and individuals in our area.” 

Hedge supports local organizations, including Artaluma, a vibrant, multi-disciplinary creativity center for adults and families designed to foster creativity and healing through art. They also support Valley of the Moon Children’s Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping abused and neglected youth.   

 “Our focus every day is doing our best, delivering high-quality work, and caring for our community,” shared Glockner. “We have an easy flow on our team; everyone has their own strengths, and we want each person to embrace their authenticity.” 

The Hedge Realty team is capitalizing on the momentum they’ve created, continuing to expand their team and client base. Staying true to their roots of collaboration and positivity, Little and Glockner have forged a strong niche as a team who embodies the pillars of teamwork, experience, insight, imagination, and excellence. 

“Our company is a collective co-op,” said Little. “There’s enough business for everyone, so our goal is to figure out how we can elevate each other’s work and support each other. Instead of being driven by a hyper-competitive approach to real estate, our purpose is finding ways for all of us to win.”

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