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Small & Associates Creates Charitable Possibilities Across the Commonwealth

Finding charitable causes that resonate with their team is crucial to Small & Associates in Richmond, Virginia.

As a real estate leader in this tight-knit community, it is important to find local causes and organizations where they can make a significant impact. The team decided on two organizations: Fetch a Cure and Virginia Commonwealth University’s Ram Pantry.

The dog-friendly office at Small & Associates is a place where a four-legged friend could stroll by at any moment, so Fetch a Cure fits the bill perfectly. The organization’s vision is to create a community where no one is denied a choice for their pet’s health due to a lack of options, education, or funding. Fetch a Cure also provides financial aid to families unable to bear the cost of life-saving treatments for pets that have been diagnosed with cancer.

“We wanted to pick a charity that really stands out from other organizations,” said Chris Small, Principal Broker and Owner at Small Real Estate. “Our team is passionate about getting Fetch a Cure’s name out there because the work they do is so meaningful. The support they give people with pets facing medical issues gives them the gift of more time with their pets.”


Through his involvement on the VCU Foundation Board, Small heard firsthand about the food insecurity faced by college students, so the team also became a supporter of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Ram Pantry. The Ram Pantry focuses on ensuring that no VCU student goes hungry and that every student has access to nutritious food. 

For Small & Associates, their impact goes far beyond supporting community members along their real estate journeys. Their support moves the needle for organizations that make a major difference for people and pets right in their hometown.

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