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A Community Cause Centered on a Lasting Legacy

Not Today Cancer is near and dear to the hearts of Kim Hartley and Avenue 8’s Rubel Ashman Group, as it arose out of a tragedy in their community.

The organization was created by Stacey Book and JJ Duncan in honor of their son, Mason, who was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at just nine years old. After a valiant two-year fight, Mason passed away. His family launched Not Today Cancer not just as a non-profit, but as a battle cry. 

Not Today Cancer’s mission is to support research for a cure. According to the organization, just 4% of federal funding for cancer goes to pediatrics. Nearly 16,000 children and adolescents receive a cancer diagnosis every year, underscoring the vital importance of funding this life-saving research. 

Mason’s legacy has had a major impact on his school and community, which is why Hartley and the Rubel Ashman Group are so passionate about supporting this organization. Using their voice to amplify the mission of Mason’s family and Not Today Cancer is crucial for this team.

The team sponsored a significant portion of this year’s Beverly Hills Run of the Stars, an annual 5k fundraiser, which raised nearly $50,000 to support research for a cure. 


Just as the Beverly Hills community rallied around Mason and his family during his illness, they continue to rally in support of Not Today Cancer. From hospital toy drives to advocacy to fundraising, this community ensures that Mason’s memory is vibrant and ever-present in their collective commitment to finding a cure.

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