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New Member Spotlight: Meital Taub and Livel Real Estate

Meital Taub, a trusted leader of the Laguna Beach luxury real estate market, is launching a new brokerage: Livel Real Estate. Taub’s current company, The Meital Taub Luxury Group, will be the inaugural agent-led group under Livel.

With Taub at the helm, her team’s estimated 2022 sales volume is a staggering $300 million. Taub credits their formidable success to a distinct way of doing business – her agile team of experts shares a deep understanding of the real estate industry and a commitment to getting every detail right. The team’s client-centered approach powers the group’s momentum as a leader in the hyper-competitive coastal real estate market.

“If you ask my group –  ‘what is your why?’ – they would say that it is to truly leave a mark in this world by helping people. We’re on this earth for a limited period; you better do something really meaningful with your time,” Taub shared. 


A graduate of both law and business school, Taub’s extensive knowledge and commitment to concierge-level service has set her apart from other brokers. She continues to cultivate a team that embraces the responsibility of empowering clients to take the next step in their real estate journey. Taub is proud of her team’s tremendous work ethic and growth mindset. 


“I’ve had the opportunity to coach newer agents to their potential of selling $50 million per year. It’s also amazing to bring on experienced agents who felt stagnant elsewhere, but now have the opportunity to bloom in a fresh environment. My team is an extension of my brand, and because of our shared vision, I trust them completely.” 

Her team’s comprehensive approach backs Taub’s reputation as a trusted authority in luxury real estate. From strong negotiation skills to an unparalleled knowledge of the Orange County market, her team treats each transaction as if it were their own home. Shying away from a corporate, automated experience, Taub and her team embody a dedication to individualized, white-glove service. 

The classic real estate adage – location, location, location – is a vital part of Taub’s role with her clients. By genuinely getting to know her clients on a personal level, she offers insights and expertise so they can make the best decision on the community that fits their needs and lifestyle. With deep client relationships spanning decades, Taub loves watching her clients grow and evolve their lives in a community or location. Real estate is about much more than a singular property or transaction; it is the foundation on which someone builds their life. 

“It’s great to see buyers who live in Dallas or New York purchase a second home in Orange County and then end up moving here full-time because they love the lifestyle and the location so much,” said Taub. 

So, what’s ahead for Livel? The company partnered with Side, a leading brokerage platform that will support Taub’s new endeavor. 

“Side has an ecosystem of agents that share an entrepreneurial mindset,” said Taub. “These agents are highly active, allowing us to collaborate with more people in the luxury space. Ultimately it means more exposure for my clients and the chance to get the right eyes on the right properties.”

Growth is also on the horizon. Taub plans to open additional offices and expand into more locations across the country. While the company looks ahead to new possibilities, Taub and her team refuse to compromise on the core values their clients know and appreciate. The company is amplifying its impressive brand while staying true to the fundamental foundation of service and expertise. 

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