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Agent Spotlight: Pablo Salazar | 38 Degrees Real Estate, Sacramento, CA

As a first-generation American-Chileno, Pablo’s family history inspires and motivates him daily.

His parents came to the United States as political refugees, persecuted for their passion for improving people’s lives. Led by their moral compass, they didn’t back down even when faced with a military coup led by a cruel dictator. After narrowly escaping unimaginable circumstances, they made a new life for their family in the U.S.

Pablo says, “making a living is not enough, but making a living by improving lives around me is fulfillment.” A similar relentlessness to help people seems to have been passed down.   Real estate is so much more than buying and selling homes to Pablo; it represents a fundamental human right – a home of one’s own. He loves the idea that his mother and father, who so fervently fought to make their own country better, now have the ability to impact America too, by virtue of their son’s passion.

Along with his incredible personal story, Pablo recently shared some great insights into his career journey and unique approach to real estate.


How Did You Get Into Real Estate?

It wasn’t a “what” that got me into real estate; it was a “who” – the talented and glamorous top agent Maribel Perez. She is my mentor to this day, and her belief in me and encouragement led me to where I am today. Fueled by her enthusiasm and guidance, I left my job as a dental assistant and lab technician in 2006, and here we are, nearly two decades later. 

My advice to anyone trying to break into real estate: find a successful mentor who truly wants to see you succeed. Someone who holds nothing back versus someone who only teaches you just enough so you’ll never supersede them. 

If you don’t have a caring mentor like I did, at least make some organic connections with top performers and grow your network. Lastly, your mentor is only as good as their mentee – you better be the best mentee this world has ever seen! 


Tell us about one of your most interesting deals.

The entire COVID lockdown period was interesting! My feelings were hurt when real estate agents weren’t deemed “essential workers,” so getting escrows closed during that time required logistical miracles.

What are your daily “must-do(s)”?

Let’s start with my daily “must-not” – from the second I wake up, I force myself to avoid my phone (texts, emails, IMs) for 28 minutes. It’s much harder than you think! 

Must-do: I can't wait to pick up my boy out of bed! Lastly, I have to fit the gym into my day, or I feel incomplete.


How do you like to spend your free time?

A nice cold beer with my Paps.


Share one thing on your bucket list.

To play the drums better than my talented wife.


Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your business?

I'm actually quite proud of my brand vision.  Every detail (with the help of Avenue 8’s talented marketing team) in this sleek and professional logo is an iconography that speaks to my brand's personality. 

The name is a nod to our superior, hyper-local knowledge anywhere 38°N of the equator respective to Sacramento and Placer County. It’s also a tribute to our moral compass. We’re passionate about elevating lives through our relationship-first business.

The logo exemplifies my positive, upward and onward attitude! The strikethrough stands for transparency, as I hold ethics in the highest regard. It’s even cleverly angled precisely at a 38° slant emanating our skills in placement and our mission to be homeward-bound. It signifies our hyper-local expertise; emphasizing we are Sacramento and Placer area experts. 38 Degrees Real Estate wants everyone to make their mark in the world (quite literally with coordinates).  

We help “Find Your Home.  Find Your Latitude.”


Photo credit Alan Silva @artistiqueimagery


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