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Agent Spotlight: Sam West | Avenue 8, Palm Springs, CA

Sam West brings over thirty years of experience in real estate. From his education and early career as an interior designer to owning a restaurant (Club One Eleven in Palm Springs, CA), he truly understands concierge-level service.

He also embraces his creative and curious side with his “Signature West” podcast, designed to facilitate conversations and new perspectives with wise and interesting guests.

2022 has been full of milestones for Sam –  he founded Avenue 8 Palm Springs Real Estate Brokerage and made the Semi-Finalist list for Short Film Director at the Indie Film Fest for “Going Home,” a documentary based on his own life. He also received a Certificate Of Achievement for the film.

Leverage caught up with Sam to talk about his early career and some of his most interesting deals.


How did you get into real estate?

I was born in North Africa, just a few miles from the Egyptian Nile. When I was 13,  I moved to Los Angeles to seek a better education. That education included an interior design program at UCLA, followed by a job at an interior design firm where I learned what it takes to make a home look beautiful, both inside and out.


Tell us about one of your most interesting deals.

675 Mesquite in Palm Springs. It’s a beautifully remodeled home for $2.5 million, and it was on the market for months with very little interest. I showed it to my buyer once and we were in escrow the following day – it’s all about timing. 

Another Palm Springs property – 1175 Los Robles. My buyer was a little late to the game, and the home was already in escrow, but it was the only property my buyer loved. One Friday afternoon, I was notified that it was back on the market after the first buyer flaked on the deal. Luckily, my buyer was near, so we showed it and went into escrow the following day. All cash and closed in two weeks at $3,195,000. Once again – real estate is all about timing! 


What are your daily “must-dos”?

Meditating and working out


How do you like to spend your free time?

Playing pickleball 


Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your business?

I don't consider myself a salesman; I consider myself someone that connects the dots, whether it’s between people, homes, or communities. That’s the approach I take to everything – my podcast, creative endeavors, and career – it’s about truly viewing everything from a lens of connectivity. 


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