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LUVA Real Estate Celebrates a Decade of Distinct Real Estate Services

The LUVA Real Estate team is inspired not just to sell real estate, but to cultivate meaningful connections between clients and their homes.

 Honoring a “people first” approach to their team, clients, partners, and community, LUVA’s integrity and honesty have propelled the company to remarkable heights over the past decade.   

Swimming Against the Tide: A New Approach to Real Estate

Founded in 2012, LUVA Real Estate was born from Jean and Yuki Laliberte’s experience managing a property on the Big Island as a rental home for Guy Laliberte, Jean’s brother and founder of Cirque Du Soleil. The duo took on more properties and organically grew their business. Since LUVA’s inception, the company has now expanded into luxury vacation rentals on the Big Island and long-term rentals on both the Big Island and Oahu.

Jean and Yuki’s former roles uniquely prepared them to create one-of-a-kind experiences. Jean’s work with Cirque du Soleil and Yuki’s experience in the fashion industry in New York City with Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger set the stage for the opportunity to create an intentional real estate experience steeped in first-class hospitality. 

The fast-paced, ultra-competitive world of luxury real estate and doesn’t lend itself to a personalized approach. Still, John and Yuki remained steadfast in their belief that delivering a new experience was only possible through evolution. Their dedication to uncompromising concierge-level support and personal touches has made LUVA what it is today.

Eyes on the World, Heart in the Islands

The company has stayed true to its foundations as a boutique agency while producing $250 million in sales volume. LUVA has 65 agents and staff living and working with a focus on the community, and the company was recently named Hawaii's 27th fastest-growing company. The partnership between LUVA and Leverage Global Partners empowers LUVA to expand its network across the U.S. and internationally. 

With flourishing growth comes a responsibility to serve as an uplifting and action-based participant in the community. LUVA’s commitment to the land, the water, and the people is clear in its active dedication to philanthropic endeavors on the Big Island of Hawai’i, Maui, and Oahu.  

LUVA Real Estate represents much more than a profitable brokerage; it is the realization of its founders’ goal to create a diverse, creative, successful team that delivers on the original vision of an unparalleled real estate experience. LUVA Real Estate’s unbridled potential exemplifies what happens when you act on the courage to reimagine a new path forward.

Congratulations on the last ten years – here’s to the next decade of possibilities for LUVA Real Estate!


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