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Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee

REALTOR® | DRE#: 02022344
Email  |  323.369.0878
With a background in both commercial and residential real estate and property management, Ryan established and developed his own business in Seoul, South Korea before moving to the U.S. and beginning his current work in Los Angeles. He obtained his MA in Public Policy from USC in 2012, and in 2015 he opened Eightfold Coffee, a neighborhood coffee shop located in Echo Park of Los Angeles known for its intentionality, and the care it gives to space, product, and interactions.
Ryan also began working in residential real estate, and has been focused on developing household spaces in the neighborhoods of east LA. Currently, he is working on the development of a shared living complex in the Echo Park area to increase comfortable, affordable, secure, and communal living experiences in that neighborhood. (
From the continuing development of Eightfold, and having just moved his own family into a new home in the Mount Washington neighborhood, Ryan has developed the mentality that finding space is part of a process that is ongoing. He is most concerned with care for whoever he is working with, and helping them to create a space where they are comfortable and happy.

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