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Mike Shimkonis

Mike Shimkonis

Email  |  970-708-2157
For more than 20 years, Mike "Shimmy" Shimkonis has been utilizing his intuitive matchmaker and creative marketing skills with buyers and sellers in real estate transactions around the Telluride region.

Prior to real estate, Mike was employed at the Walt Disney Company in Orlando before continuing his career in the entertainment and outdoor industries in Vail in 1987. Mike moved to Telluride in 1993, where he was considered a top pick for understanding the subtleties of sales, marketing, positioning, and guest services in the ski industry.

Mike branched into real estate in 1999. He has a strong understanding of Telluride's communities, home values, and market trends. His robust performance earned him a position as one of three directors at Telluride Properties. In 2016, He formed Shimkonis Partners, a real estate team offering an expertly crafted personal touch.

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