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Orah Nassir

Orah Nassir

REALTOR® | DRE#: 01506720
Email  |  (310) 497-2261
Raised in Beverly Hills and educated at UCLA, Orah Nassir has an intimate and exhaustive knowledge of the high-end Westside real estate market. While she prides herself on her extensive connections and her ability to close the most complex deals, Orah's singular focus has always been serving the best interest of her clients. Having facilitated many noteworthy deals, she has cultivated a detailed knowledge of all forms of real estate negotiation and transaction, while simultaneously possessing the personality and communication skills to bridge the gap between diverse interests.

For Orah, the ‘Art of the Deal’ begins with the process of getting to know the client and listening closely to their objectives and goals. Having established a personal rapport, she then applies her intricate knowledge of the housing market to seek out options that match up with the imperatives laid out by the client. Finding the right deal is about much more than just meeting a laundry list of requirements. It’s about finding homes that exceed the clients’ expectations. Once the desired home is found, Orah works tirelessly to negotiate a deal that respects and serves the best interests of the client. While she has the ability to reach out and collaborate with all parties involved, make no mistake: Orah is ultimately the advocate for her client.

As a listing broker Orah works hard to develop creative campaigns to effectively market and sell listings. Among the tools she applies in this process are high-quality professional photography, dedicated websites, targeted advertising in major and niche publications/websites. In short, Orah Nassir has a unique mix of personal qualities, knowledge, education, and experience that has enabled her to become one of the most respected agents in her field. Her lifelong familiarity with the area, her youthful energy, and effervescence, her contacts, and communication skills, her extensive knowledge of the details and complexities of real estate transactions are brought together in one package and applied to the singular goal of making clients’ dreams come true.

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