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Property Highlight: Casa Mami

Located within 25 minutes of Joshua Tree National Park, Casa Mami is custom designed desert oasis offering unparalleled style and serenity.

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Hotels Are Greening Up

No, we’re not talking about soaring atriums filled with palm trees and rotating displays of seasonal flowers ala the Bellagio (as nice as those certainly are). Upscale hotels are responding to their guests who want to know about sustainability initiatives and energy-conservation practices. Here’s how some luxury hotels are going green.

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  • Travel
  • Sustainable Living

What’s Making a Big Splash in Home Pools Right Now?

The pleasure of having a swimming pool in your own backyard is multi-layered. You have a fun and healthy activity, a place for social gatherings, and a serene focal point of beauty in your surroundings. Pool designers are busy making this asset even more beautiful and practical with exciting new ideas and products.

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