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The Los Angeles Times features Telluride Properties’ 115 Acres Gold Creek Ranch

Film producers, Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy, have listed their Telluride, CO ranch for $16.9M.

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Ways The Modern Home Is Evolving

To some extent, many houses look similar to ones built years ago. However, a lot is changing on the inside. We use our homes differently than we did 50 years ago, and building/remodeling trends are keeping up with these changes.

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Turn Your Resolutions Into Reality

A new year brings with it the feeling, or need, for change. Society likes to call this feeling “New Year’s resolutions.” It can be fairly straightforward, like reading a book that’s been sitting on your bedside table or losing five pounds that have bothered you for years, but that doesn’t mean change is easy. It’s human nature to resist change. It’s a break in your normal routine which you’ve established for a reason — because it works for you and your current circumstances. Here are a few tips for making a change and sticking with it, turning your resolutions into your reality.

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