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Placencia, Belize

In Placencia everything is an adventure! Although we are located in the southern area of Belize we are strategically located as the perfect hub. Point your hand in either direction and a different journey awaits. Placencia is a 16-mile long peninsula that shoots out into the Caribbean Sea. To the East one has white sandy beach, hundreds of tropical islands and the world’s second largest barrier reef. To the west is the peaceful lagoon with breathtaking scenery. The Peninsula has developed severely, more beach homes than ever before, exciting luxury beach resorts with some of the best restaurants in the entire country. Activities such as sky diving, chocolate making, zip lining are just a few of what you can do, in mother’s nature best kept secret, Placencia, Belize.

Location Represented By
Boris Mannsfeld & Associates
  • 3:42pm local time
  • 2.3 thousand population

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