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Exclusively Serving San Francisco, CA, USA

Considered by millions as the Best City in America.

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Main Office
2501 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Vanguard Properties is the exclusive representative for Leverage Global Partners in San Francisco, California, USA.

For over 30 years, Vanguard Properties has offered impeccable service to buyers and sellers in San Francisco.  We are proud of our team of professionals, who are service-driven and passionately share in your goal to find the home that’s right for you in the manner that fits your lifestyle.


At Vanguard, we stake our reputation on every relationship we create. Your unique client experience will be built on the high degree of professionalism and on our commitment to delivering service tailored to your individual needs, at every point of contact. With Vanguard by your side, you can feel confident that all aspects of your development are in good hands. We are proud to have provided developers with expert service for over twenty years now, including buyer insights that come by working with discerning buyers in highly dynamic markets. But we are only as good as the service we offer to the valued clients we work with today. They demand nothing but the best. Fortunately, we're in a position to deliver.


Vanguard brings exceptional homes to market, consistently and with outstanding results, under the guidance of some of the most respected professionals in the business. Our founder, James Nunemacher, is within the top 1% of real estate sales in the nation, and an acknowledged expert in the market. His exacting standards set the tone for everything we do. Simply put, no one is more qualified than Vanguard. This was true when we opened for business selling residential real estate. It has never been truer today, as our services have grown to encompass every aspect of the process of developing and marketing the most sought-after homes and developments in one of the most competitive markets.


Vanguard understands what discerning buyers and sellers are looking for, and equally importantly, what they are not. As your trusted partner, we will review and advise on every aspect of your home, from floor plans to finishing touches. Our instinct for detail may result in suggestions that surprise you.


Quality homes may be timeless. Marketing, however, demands the ability to match the leading-edge of customer expectations and stay several steps ahead of your competition. Vanguard's leadership is no more obvious than in the field of marketing. We will develop fresh, innovative strategies for you, incorporating a keen sense of brand-identity and integrating the technology that drives the housing market today. Your home is much more than simply brick and mortar. It is an investment upon which you expect the highest returns. With Vanguard's marketing acumen you can be confident that your home-buying audience is appropriately targeted and your return on investment is fully realized.

Vanguard Properties also has locations in the beautiful California wine country region of Sonoma County.

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Meet James Nunemacher: Principal, Vanguard Properties

"When you're young, you have to find your way and there is nothing more alluring than a beautiful city," explains James Nunemacher, Principal in Vanguard Properties, when asked his thoughts about San Francisco and how it lured him. James, whose background in Biochemistry at UC Berkeley may not seem the most likely path into real estate, finds San Francisco "a vibrant place, filled with charming neighborhoods that are all very different, each with their own unique character. It's a true walking city. I love every part of it."

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