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Imaginative Reuse Adds a Unique Design Spin to Interior Decorating

Decorating a new home — or sprucing up the one you’ve got — doesn’t always mean starting from scratch. In fact, one of the hottest design trends of this year requires taking a second look at the items you may already have . . . and seeing them in a whole new light.

Imaginative reuse allows you to breathe new life into older items, and the best part is, you can find them anywhere! Use some creativity to transform the function of items you already own — or consider another person’s “trash” your new treasure, and re-use it with new purpose and pleasure in your own home.

The possibilities for repurposing items for decoration are as endless as your imagination. But to get you started, here are just a few of our favorite ideas:

Suitcase Side Table

You may not have much use for vintage suitcases in your everyday travel, but you can certainly make good use of them in your interior decorating! Stack a few classic suitcases to create a unique and conversation-starting side table. If you don’t already have a few vintage suitcases in your possession, you can often find these classic satchels at vintage shops, yard sales, or even craft stores!


Shipping Pallet Turned Sipping Pallet

There are so many seemingly one-use items you likely receive every day — and wooden shipping pallets are just one of those alleged “one-hit wonders” that has recently proven its reusability in a big way. Our favorite function of the shipping pallet? Turning it upside down and right into a gorgeous new wine rack. These days you can find a repurposed and refinished wood pallet-turned-wine rack on Etsy and Wayfair — or you can turn your shipping pallet into a sipping pallet all on your own!


Build a Beautiful New Bench

All it takes is a couple of chairs, a few slabs of wood, a splash of paint, and some ingenuity to bring your family and friends (literally) closer together! Connect a few old chairs with wooden pallets to create a beautiful new bench that adds an all-new touch of coziness to your home.


Old Card Catalog Turned Storage Unit

Card catalogs and the Dewey Decimal System went the way of actually using the library not long after the advent of the Internet. But that doesn’t mean there’s no use for the big desk of small drawers. Card catalogs have a classic look reminiscent of that bygone era — and when spruced up just right, they can make an excellent and unique storage unit for any item in any room of the house.


Create a Lamp Stand from Your Camera

Give your old camera (or camera accessories — like a tripod) an upgraded flash of light by turning it into a lampstand.  Of course, there are a lot of items that can stand-in as a lampstand. Use your imagination to figure out what best suits your fancy!


Imaginative reuse is a simple, affordable, and creative way to add a unique new design to interior decorating. How can you reuse what you already have right in front of you?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Etsy.

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